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I took my first portraits of my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls when I was ten years old. Studied a little about photography in highschool, when the Canon AE1 was considered high tech- but I date myself there... However, it was finally having access to quality equipment and beautiful models(my 2 daughters) that really got me going. Once I aquired my digital SLR, I was a goner. I could finally get the instant feedback and take tons of shots, experimenting w/out worrying about the cost of developing.

I taught Special Education for 13 years. I believe my experiences with children help me capture each child's individual spirit, spunk and unique beauty.I like taking pictures of anything I find appealing and/or interesting. It's a gift to be able to share the image I see in my mind's eye with others.

I am a professional photographer located in Auburn/Opelika, Alabama.