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A biography in a Florida-based Yoga magazine, called Enlightened Practice states: "Tamra Walker, photographer, received her B.A. in Packaging and Advertising Design from F.I.T. After a 10-yr hiatus from corporate America, she received an M.A. in Therapeutic Recreation from N.Y.U. As Tamra watched the events of 9/11/01 unfold through the lens of her camera, she realized her true calling and began to offer "photo therapy" and Reiki to firefighters, rescue workers, and others affected by the tragedy. Tamra suddenly understood that she was destined to share her photographic images with the world at large. Through this medium, she hopes to inspire in others a true appreciation of nature, respect for life, self-realization, and inner peace." As a Certified Child Life Specialist, volunteer grief counselor, and former restaurant owner, Tamra now owns a construction expediting business servicing the five boroughs of New York City.

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