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For seven years, my sheltie-beagle mix, Peabody, and I competed in dog agility. Agility is a team sport (dog and handler) where communication and fun are the critical components. Peabody and I rose to the top of the sport, competing in six different venues and earning over 40 titles. In 2005, we earned Canine Performance Events C-ATCH, Agility Trial Champion. Peabody was number seven on CPE's Top Ten list (a national ranking) in 2006. He always ran his heart out. On Christmas day 2007, I discovered a ring of lumps, like a necklace, on Peabody's throat. The next day, he was diagnosed with Mediastinal Lymphoma, a rare and fast-growing cancer. Although I already had hundreds of professional agility photos of Peabody, I spent the next month taking candid photos--ones that captured the essence of Peabody and show his shining personality. Peabody died on January 25, 2008 but it was through him that I got hooked on the magic of photography.

My next dog, Glitterbug, became a well-trained and skilled agility dog, however, she never liked the hubbub of competition; she's now fully retired at 14. My young weimaraner, Thoreau, once my hope for the future, has become reactive to other dogs so he will never compete. My newest dog, a formerly feral feist rescued off the streets of Georgia, is bravely overcoming her fear of people and learning to own agility courses; I swear, sometimes, she can fly!

My photography now includes a wide array of subjects in addition to the ever-popular dog shots. Welcome to my little corner of the world.