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Hello, My Name is Elizabeth Marker.

Welcome to my Gallery! I'm thrilled to have you visit!

My passion is Photography. As I go through this journey they call life, I love to capture things that many are not able to get out and enjoy. As you look through my gallery you will see the different types of photography & subjects I love to capture! I am expanding my horizons everyday & continuing to learn more & try more!

Constructive criticism is always welcome as long as it is done in a positive and respectful manner.

Never Take for Granted That Which You Have Been Blessed.
Elizabeth Marker 03/26/2007
My photo tip to you: I do as my Native American Ancesters have done when hunting or gathering, they always showed Great Respect & Gratitude to plants and animals. So here is your chance! When photographing wildlife always show them Great Respect, gently bow your head, let them know you mean them no harm & "Mentally" ask for their permission to capture their beauty for all to see. Doing this vocally can startle them. If they leave, their answer was no. But most of the time a fluttery butterfly that you are having a hard time with, once shown respect & mentally asked will lit in front of you so you may take its picture. After getting your shot, Always show gratitude and say "Thank you!"

Try it! You will see! It works!

Happy shooting!!!
May you Alway be blessed with Light, Love & Happiness.