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Darren  Garbutt

Uploaded photos appear blurry!

Hi everyone! I am fairly new to this site and I think it is fantastic! I am learning so much! My question is regarding my photos I have uploaded to the contest. When I view my photos they appear to be slightly blurred, not even close to as clear as they actually are. I have uploaded photos as both jpeg and tiff with no difference. I do upload them at the recommended size (500 x 750). Are they just blurry on my end? My latest upload is called "Busy Bee", located in the flower category. Any help would be much appreciated!

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10/18/2003 10:20:30 AM

Tony Sweet
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You need to sharpen and color correct images before uploading.

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10/20/2003 5:21:46 AM

Keith A. Trepanier   Darren, I have the same problem. My photos are crisp and clear on my computer before I upload them and when I view them at the site there slightly blurry. If anyone knows how to remedy this problem, please let us know.

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1/24/2004 7:07:03 AM

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