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john W. west

better resolution for web picture

I have a 4 megapixel pentax camera which when set on its highest settings takes great pictures which are in turn very larger when downloaded and viewed on my computer. All is in great focus with much clarity so far. Now, when I attempt to "resize" to maker the picture smaller to send you all or post on a web site, etc. I lose much of the clarity and sharpness when making the picture smaller. I am accoustomed to a film print which when smaller seems to be sharper and the sharpness deccreases as you enlarge. With my digital on the computer, at least, the opposite seems to be true.

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6/6/2003 5:44:35 PM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
What software are you using to do the "resizing" of your photographs? There are various resizing algorithms that downsample the image pixels, and it is important to have a basic understanding of how the downsampling one you've been using works . . . not *all* the technical details but the overall concept.

Resizing while maintaining a high level of preceived sharpness is not a simple one-click task. It often requires some very judicious and subtle application of an "unsharp mask" to bring back perceived sharpness of contrast edges after the down-sizing.

Don't expect retention of all detail when viewing on a computer monitor which most people have set for a maximum of about 72 dpi (depends on physical monitor size and viewing resolution). Down-sizing eliminates pixels which contain detail information. In other words, your screen still has the same resolution and pixel dimensions regardless of image pixel dimensions (which determine how big it looks on the screen).

-- John

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6/8/2003 1:15:29 PM

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