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Derek J. Campbell

Hi everyone! New here. Error 99!

As above, just got an EOS 300D, or Rebel, as you guys over there call it!
As I am going to the Scottish Highlands for a short break next week, I borrowed a Sigma 70-300 lens fro a good friend. Whilst using it on a motor rally at the weekend I started getting the dreaded error 99. My question is,:- Will continued use of this lens harm my camera body? If so it's being left in the house!
Looking forward to chatting to you guys!


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7/26/2004 12:12:43 PM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/18/2000
  To my knowledge, it won't do any long term harm. The lens needs to have it's ROM replaced by Sigma to restore compatibility with your camera.

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7/26/2004 1:35:38 PM

Derek J. Campbell   Thanks very much Jon!
I've just been trying the lens again tonight, (dusk) and it works when it's not stopped down too much so I'll take it with me and hope for the best!

Thanks again.


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7/26/2004 2:44:41 PM

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