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  Get your own website using our html photographer website templates. This Q&A is about our Deluxe Web Site service for photographers. You can get more information at: Deluxe Web Sites.
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  When do next classes begin?
Hi:I am aware that most online courses end December, 2004.When do the next set of classes begin? ...
10/14/2004 5:39:07 PM
  Transfer uploaded contest photos to new Gallery
Hello,When I sign up for my member gallery, is there anyway to transfer photos already uploaded a...
10/4/2004 12:13:28 PM
  Member Gallery
I have never been able to figure out how to send my images over the internet and perceive that as...
9/23/2004 5:31:35 PM
  How do I make my gallery link active?
Hi!On my member gallery page, the link for my webshots gallery does not become active. I've n...
9/14/2004 9:50:54 AM
  Color difference when viewing on a brower
When I resize my color "digitally shot" photos to 500x700 at 72dpi, then copy them from my laptop...
8/12/2004 6:47:52 AM
  Image Watermarks for Copyright
How do you put a watermark on your image when you want to put it online with copyright protection...
8/10/2004 7:08:14 AM
  Sorting images, getting red x's
I am trying to sort and catagorize images on my website that I have already uploaded to Betterpho...
8/9/2004 8:00:17 AM
  New website for photography
What do you think of my new website for photography ?Have about 7000 pr...
8/3/2004 2:15:38 AM
  Deluxe Site
If I get a Deluxe Site and than after a while I want some changes of the design. Can they be done...
8/2/2004 2:11:58 PM
  Slide Shows
When I selected the option to show slide shows on my DWS, It only shows thumbnail images, not the...
7/28/2004 7:12:05 AM

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