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Kix  Pix

Help Me with This Camera

Help, you photo geniuses! I have found a Hollywood Reflex TLR. On the box there is a sticker that says sightseer. I have searched high and low to try to find out more info on this camera - what it's worth, how much it went for, etc. Let me know if you have any ideas!

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5/21/2004 1:46:51 AM

Jon Close
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  All I know is what I found with a Google search: It's a cheap, American-made TLR from the late 40's; made by Craftex Products Corp.; about $30 new in 1948 dollars and is worth about the same in 2004 dollars. A slow (f/7.7) 2-element lens, and probably used the long discontinued 620 film instead of 120/220.

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5/21/2004 6:41:55 AM

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