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How to Shoot Action Night Shots?

I have just bought myself a Cannon G5. This is the first camera I have used. I belong to a bowling club and would like to know how to take good pictures at night. The area is lit with flood lights but not bright enough for me to get good shots. I have tried using the Night Setting but moving objects (people) are blurred badly. Is there any way to correct this and still have good exposier? I have also tried using a tripod, but still have the same problem.

Can someone please help me out as this is driving me nuts and being a total newbie I am lost. Also can anyone recommend a book for this camera? One that describes what the settings are for and how they work, etc. (for dummies lol)

Thanks a lot.

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3/7/2004 3:14:09 AM

Dean A. Gillette   I can recommend a great book - "The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Taking Great Photos" by some guy named Jim Miotke. Don't expect to look in the index and find "Taking Great Bowling Pictures at Night Under Flood Lights", but if you read from cover to cover, you will surely have all the answers you need to get the blur out. Or you may discover some ways to use that motion blur to your advantage to make really cool action shots. I can't say enough for this book, it should be shipped in the carton with every new camera.

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3/7/2004 7:31:29 AM

Graeme    Hello Dean, thank you for the reply. I will certainly look into that book as I need all the help I can get :.

I also found this book...

A Short Course in Canon PowerShot G5 Photography.

Has anyone used this book and if so whats it like?

Thanks again


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3/9/2004 3:47:03 AM

Scott Pedersen   I don't know what a G5 is but apparently it selects the shutter speed itself. When you are shooting under low light conditions you need a slow shutter speed. That is why your subjects are blurred. I doubt that even if they posed for you that fix the problem. Apparently you are shooting in a bowling alley? Is there some reason you cannot use the flash? Another idea you could try is if you can override the camera and set the shutter manualy is to set it at 125 and see what happens.

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3/9/2004 4:19:00 AM

Michael Kaplan   The best way is certainly to use a flash if you can. The other way to help you get better pictures is if you up the ISO which will give you more speed. Your camera has ISO 50 to 400. If you make sure you set it to 400 you will get 3 stops faster speed for the same settings which may just be fast enough to get some good pics. You will get more noise (Digital equivalent to film grain) but that could be cleaned up with programs like the free Neat Image.

Also you should try to use a tripod if you can as with a longer exposure your hand-holding the camera will add some shake even with static objects which should be coming out clear.

Good luck with your pictures.
Michael Kaplan
Canon EOS-10D

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3/9/2004 9:01:43 PM

Bill Hammer   Graeme,
I have a G5 and bought the book (A short course in Canon G5 photography) which I use very often. The book comes in black and white, but it includes a CD which has full color and can br printed. It is in PDF format so you can put it on your computer desk top and use it and print it at you rleisure.

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4/12/2004 4:39:09 PM

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