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Scanned 35mm slides

I've scanned 1200+ slides using the Minolta Dual Scan III. I scanned them at 1024 x 768 and saved in low compression jpeg format. They average 300 to 600 KB.
I want to "clean" them up and burn to a CD for playback via DVD player.

Did I do the right thing so far? Where do I go from here? Thanks for any advice you offer up.

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12/25/2003 8:26:35 AM

doug Nelson   If I go to the trouble to scan slides, I scan at the highest possible resolution and archive them to CD. I might want to print or sell them later.
By scanning at such a low resolution, you closed off that option, but you DID scan them right for your intended use.
Do all your corrections (edits), ie., crop, fix contrast/brightness, touch out dust specs, straighten horizon lines, etc., in one session per image and save only once. For a CD or DVD slide show, it is not necessary to compress very much. I use Flip Album CD for slide shows, and I compress only to about a 10 in Photoshop.

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12/26/2003 2:51:10 PM

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