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Jeffery Morrison


What is a good photo publishing softwear. (exe. Borderbund Print shop pro publisher delux.)

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8/9/2002 12:23:02 PM

Leo Enriquez   I have the Broaderbund Print shop (5.0) I think it is; for cards and little stuff, but I see it like "kindergarden" software. I also have Corel Photo House 5, and it's a little much better than Broaderbund!....But if you are asking for a good one, I have heard excelent comments on Photoshop by Adobe (The best and the standard in photoplubishing software (price about 700 for the new 7.0 version)!..You might also want to consider software from Corel (around 500) but I think it doesn't compare with Adobe photoshop!...

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8/9/2002 1:22:04 PM

Kevin Taylor   I have been using Jasc's PaintShop Pro in various versions for about five years now, and I find it absolutely the best. I have tried a dozen or so photo editing programs. The only one that I can see is better would be Adobe Photoshop (the latest full version), which is more powerful, although MUCH more expensive, and harder for the novice to get used to. PaintShop Pro allows you to create your own toolbar with buttons for all of the functions you use most. PaintShop Pro also uses most of the downloadable filters, masks etc. that work with Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is about $700.00 and PaintShop Pro is only about $100.00 I can't see you being disapointed with Jasc's PaintShop Pro...

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8/17/2002 1:21:15 PM

Maxine Snyder   I have Photoshop but much prefer Ulead's PhotoImpact. New version 8 just released with free 30 day trial version available. Tons of photo enhancement options, user based support boards, free animator, hundreds of tutorials to learn all the ins and outs of the program and under $100. Can't beat that with anything else I've found out there!

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9/25/2002 8:42:51 PM

Ann  G. Martin   I also have Jasc Photoshop Pro and I love it, except for the push brush and the cleaning up, I also combine it with MGI Photosuite to help cleaning up any photo's, it's simple for that,
but the Jasc program is so good for brightening and it has a good program for being able to make your picture's
sharper and clearer, especially the clarifier, I am still learning more about this program every day.

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5/16/2003 9:27:59 AM

Jeffrey R. Grotte
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/24/2002
  Headwaters Composition
Headwaters Composition
Two photos used to make one
© Jeffrey R. Grotte
I'm digging deeper into Adobe Photoshop everyday now and am really starting to learn all the awesome things the program allows you to do. I would recommend it to anyone. Here is an example of two pictures of mine that I made into one.

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5/28/2003 10:19:57 PM

Kristin E. Reid
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/26/2003
  Gorgeous pic Jefferey! I use a mix of programs myself. I use Jasc PaintShop Pro 8 (LOVE IT!) and Ulead Photo Express. Sometimes I still even use Paintshop Pro 7. Ulead is great for changing the lighting. I do portraits from home and sometimes I just don't get the lighting to look the way I want it to. Using the program and can completely change it. I just got Paint Shop pro 8 so I am still learning the different tricks it does. But I do LOVE the background eraser. It makes it so easy to put the subject in front of a digital background.

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6/3/2003 9:31:47 AM

Alan Kaufman   Hey Jeffery, here's my 2 cents worth. What do you want to do? From your question it would appear that you want to print/publish your photos somewhere.

Print shop is a wonderful program, but it will not allow you to import your own photos into any of the "projects" it creates.

In my opinion, PhotoShop is indeed the best photo manipulation program on the market today. It allows you to manipulate color, contrast, hue, saturation and many more ellements of your pictures.

What you need to do is decide what kind of a program you want. One that allows you to make greeting cards, etc., or one that will allow you to (hopefully) improve the pictures you take.

Having both kinds of these programs is very useful. After you make your pictures better, you can then create whatever (greeting cards) you wish to. Good Luck.

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12/29/2003 1:35:16 PM

Kristin E. Reid
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/26/2003
  Since the last time I posted I have gotten Digital Image Pro 9 and I LOVE it!!! It is so easy, does a million different things...I would recommend it. I still use Paint Shop Pro 8 and Ulead Photo Express for some of the softening and lighting effects. But for the most I have only needed Digital Image.:)

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12/29/2003 2:12:00 PM

Paul M   I primarily use PhotoShop Elements - because it does everything that I want to do and I am familiar with it.

But I have become a BIG fan of another program - that I think packs a lot of power, is reasonably priced, and easy to figure out.... Mediachance PhotoBrush.

PhotoBrush is very well thought out, it only costs $38.00 and it approaches photo correction in a way that makes sense for people who are unfamiliar with Photoshop - but it's not a childish program. Lots of room for creativity too.

You can download a 30 day trial version of it here:

If you Google it - you will also see that it has some excellent reviews.

Also works with Photoshop plugins.

Good Luck.

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1/23/2004 9:28:03 AM

Yannic Meerbergen   If you are running Windows or Linux, you should try "the Gimp" (
It's really excellent, except if you want to go professional (in that cas, use photoshop CS).
And it's FREE.
All you need to know is that aal the menus are accessed through a right-click in the image window itself.
There are excellent tutorials on the site.
Hope this helps.


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2/24/2004 4:06:38 AM

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