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Angela Azzinnaro
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/1/2007

Posing a Large Group

I need tips on posing a large family group of 22 people (12 of whom are children). It will be outdoors at a park at 5pm. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!

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7/24/2007 2:00:13 PM

Angela Azzinnaro
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/1/2007
  Also I wondering what the best type of lens to use for this group shot. Thanks.

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7/24/2007 6:26:25 PM

Carlton Ward
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/13/2005
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  Hello Angela,
I would use my wide-angle lens, and you will need to use more Depth of Field to get everyone in focus (like f/16), and you will need to use a fast enough shutter speed to prevent blurring as the adults can be as restless as the kids when it comes to getting a group to stand still and pose. I would try around 1/125s shutter speed. You may need to adjust your ISO to get a good combination of DOF and shutter speed.
Then you want to consider the background. I would try to position them in front of a tall stand of bushes or trees for a darker background and, if possible, have some space between the background and the group - unless there is a scenic background you want behind them.
Now you will have to try to get this to work with the lighting you have available. I would definitely consider getting a couple of reflectors and/or make sure you have sufficient fill flash capability with a shoe mount flash. (I don't know if the built-in camera flash would suffice). With reflectors, you can avoid having to position the group facing the sun (if it is a sunny day) and use them to reflect softer lighting back on the group. This will also prevent them from squinting their eyes and lesson darker shadows. You need to see where the shadows are and position the people in the group so that someone isn't blacked out or half of their face is dark. I think this may be the toughest thing with a large group - keeping everyone evenly lit. And don't forget the tripod.
Well Angela, that's my .02 cents - good luck and, hopefully, more BPers will respond with their experiences.

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7/25/2007 3:27:58 AM

Angela Azzinnaro
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/1/2007
  Thank you Carlton for all of the information!!!

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7/25/2007 9:54:56 AM

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