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Clarence Lynn

Mounting Inkjet Photos

Can you use a heat-press to mount inkjet prints printed on the better inkjet papers?

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1/27/2007 8:37:35 AM

Stephanie M. Stevens   Yes. In my classes, we mount inkjet prints using a heat press.

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1/27/2007 10:05:40 AM

John H. Siskin
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  Hi Clarence,
Some inkjet prints, notably the Epson pigment ink products, will work well with a dry-mount press. Prints made with an HP printer on their premium paper will not survive the dry-mount press. Generally, it is a bad idea to dry mount any dye-based print, it may cause immediate changes in the color. It is likely to reduce the long-term stability of the product, considering that heat is one of the factors used to test prints with accelerated aging. I do not use the dry-mount press for long-term display with any inkjet or other color process. I will still use the press with black and white fiber- based papers.
Thanks, John Siskin

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1/27/2007 5:25:26 PM

Clarence Lynn   Stephanie and John,
I appreciate your response to my question. This question arose during our camera club meeting,with no one knowing the answer. I use only BW silver-based paper, but will be changing to digital shortly. John, your Framing and Mounting Your Photographs course looks very interesting. Stephanie, I enjoyed your prints.

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1/28/2007 7:51:38 AM

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