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Nelda J. Pieper

Taking Photos from TV

What is the best slide film to use to photograph still shots from my own DVDs? Is tungsten best?

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10/10/2004 10:35:26 AM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  I think daylight film is better.

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10/10/2004 9:10:55 PM

Kip T. Berger
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/20/2002
  Hi Nelda,
I don't think you'll get acceptable results due to the TV's refresh rate. You would be better off playing the DVD on your computer and use your graphics card or DVD software to capture the still. I know Cyberlink Power DVD offers capability of screen captures of what is playing.

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10/11/2004 1:51:35 AM

Jim Zimmerman   I had to think back to when I was shooting pics of the first Moon landings off the TV (no, I'm not that old - I was 2 when I was doing that!) :-) As I recall, daylight color film worked fine. You will need to mount the camera on a tripod, because you need to shoot at 1/30 second or slower due to how TVs work - any faster and you will get dark bands running through the pix (I believe this is either due to the "refresh rate" or the frames per second - some of the tech folks out there can say which it is). At 1/30 you will occasionally get the dark band, at 1/15 almost never.

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10/13/2004 4:34:10 PM

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