BetterPhoto Q&A: Best Photographic Equipment to Buy: Quality of Digital vs Film Cameras - What to Buy

  Ever wonder what the quality of digital vs film cameras is? Find out in this Q&A.
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I am new to all of this, especially 'film scanning', but I was wondering if there were sc...
11/23/2002 4:33:01 PM
  Setting up a mini-studio: Digital?
Ok, I have several questions, but will try and keep this short and to the point. 1. I have a Ol...
10/14/2002 10:35:15 AM
  Quality between digital and scanned film
I own a Fuji 6900 and an epson photo printer but I am disapointed with action shots on the Fuji s...
6/5/2002 10:42:35 AM
  buying a camera
hi, I have a elph aps camera. It is ok, but I want to move on to the next level in photography. I...
4/15/2002 7:06:31 PM
  My Perfect Travel / Backpacking Camera
I am looking for a small, sturdy camera with excellent optics and a SLR viewfinder for compositio...
  Darkroom to Digital
Moving from traditional darkroom to computer, the photographer's tools and methodologies have...
3/6/2005 6:58:52 PM
  What Should I Stay With?
Hi, I have been interested in photography for a couple of years and had been practicing on a Pent...
2/25/2004 1:23:42 PM
  Going Digital
I am seriously thinking about going digital for obvious reasons of convenience and the overall mo...
2/24/2004 8:34:17 AM
  Sigma SD10 Compared to Film Cameras
Help! I think I am ready to go digital but am so confused! In the past 6 months I have broken 2 ...
12/24/2003 6:35:30 AM

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