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  Buy this Photo button
Buy this Photo is not showing up on my last few uploads. ???...
5/23/2012 6:03:15 AM
Last night when updating my photos for the Deluxe and Basic Galleries I received the following er...
5/4/2012 10:49:14 AM
  Uploading self portrait on bio page!
Hi,I was wondering if anyone has had a problem up loading a photo to the Bio page. I've tried...
4/26/2012 5:30:49 PM
  about wording of copyright release
Someone has said that I should not say a copyright release, but I should say print release for th...
3/29/2012 4:08:29 PM
  Lack of Support for iPAD
I would like to be able to manage my deluxe site with my iPAD. I cannot even do some simple main...
3/3/2012 7:03:14 AM
  Upload question
When I upload photos to a gallery they end up in the reverse order. Example IMG_101 is listed be...
2/13/2012 6:17:48 PM
  Images of nudes
I would like to start posting some images from my glamor/nude collection. NOT PORN.Is this permis...
2/10/2012 8:05:24 AM
  Domain Name
Can I change my BetterPhoto domain name, which seems too long?...
1/8/2012 8:51:09 PM
  To upgrade gallery
How are the photographs moved from gallery to a new one? Thanks, Merna Nobile...
1/8/2012 7:07:03 AM
  Deluxe slide shows
Help, I am desperate. I would like to show my wife's photos for a memorial service being hel...
12/21/2011 1:13:03 PM

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