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  Past courses
Is there anywhere to access the past courses that I have taken? It used to be that I could logon ...
2/1/2018 7:19:41 AM
Ok, my membership is up today. I have never received a notice to renew like I have in previous y...
1/22/2018 10:52:02 AM
  How to get POTD emails again?
Help! When I changed my email several months ago, I stopped getting all message from BP, includi...
1/17/2018 7:30:31 PM
  November Countdown Thread
November Countdown ThreadWelcome to the November Countdown ThreadPlease join us and share one or ...
1/16/2018 4:30:22 PM
  Nov. 2017 EPs, SFs, Finalists
Ready for comments on the Nov 2017 contest. ...
1/16/2018 4:29:16 PM
  Jpeg Artifacts
I recently uploaded an entry into the contest. I made the image with a blurred background. When I...
1/15/2018 1:28:45 PM
  Where do I find today’s POTD?
Where do I find today’s Photo of the Day on the BP website? All I can find is the full gallery of...
1/14/2018 7:49:59 PM
  Your Score
How is one's site score determined? ...
1/11/2018 9:30:21 PM
  Contest notification
Is there a notification somewhere each month to let you know when the contest winners are posted....
1/8/2018 6:09:21 PM
  Identifying previous contest entries.
Is there a way to determine if you have entered a photo in a contest before? I can see the entri...
12/31/2017 7:34:56 PM

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