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Category: Famous Photographers Biographies

Looking for a biography of a past or present master photographer? This famous photographers list of masters like Ansel Adams, top rated photographer, and Annie Leibovitz will inspire, entertain, and educate you.

Also, several famous photographers - such as Jim Zuckerman, George Schaub, Bill Neill, and Lewis Kemper - teach our online photography courses. Enroll in a course to learn photography today.

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John Sexton Article  (report dead link)
Article by the artist  (report dead link)
Artist's Web site.

Joseph Nicephore Niepce, First Photographer  (report dead link)
Examination of the house where the first photographs were taken.

Julie Margaret Cameron  (report dead link)
By Robert Leggat.

Julie Margaret Cameron Bio  (report dead link)
Biographical information by Jody Zellen.  (report dead link)
Web site of photographer Frans Lanting, contemporary master, known for his amazing, intimate images of wildlife.

Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre  (report dead link)
Brief biography.

Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre  (report dead link)
Biography and photographs by this historic photographer.

Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre at USC  (report dead link)
Early images from this pioneer of photography and inventor of the Daguerreotype.

Margaret Bourke-White  (report dead link)
Directory of online exhibits which feature the work of Margaret Bourke-White.

Margaret Bourke-White  (report dead link)
Background on the photojournalist's life and several images.

Margaret Bourke-White Bio - Famous Female Photographers  (report dead link)
Take a peek at this Margaret Bourke-White biography to learn about this influential photographer. Links at the bottom of the page include many other good sites on the subject.

Margaret Bourke-White Photos  (report dead link)
Pictures, quotes, and biographical background on the war correspondent and photojournalist.

Margaret Bourke-White Timeline  (report dead link)
Biographical timeline and a gallery of images.

Master of Photography 1: Ansel Adams  (report dead link)
Interactive show - online exhibit from the San Francisco MOMA focusing on several of the Photographer's photographs.

Master of Photography 2: Robert Capa  (report dead link)
Brief profile and selected images by Robert Capa, known for his work as a war photographer:

Paul Strand Bio  (report dead link)
Biographical information.

Photo Tours of Boston  (report dead link)
Discover the secrets for taking amazing pictures of Boston. Each guided walking tour is presented with fascinating historic commentary and creative photography tips. All ages and skills levels welcome  (report dead link)
A directory of links to all things photographic in the United Kingdom.

Robert Capa  (report dead link)
Considers the work of Robert Capa, known for his depiction of 20th century conflicts and artistic personalities.

Robert Capa Bio  (report dead link)
About Robert Capa, also known as Andre Friedmann.

Robert Capa Bio and Photos  (report dead link)
A biographical timeline and several images.

Robert Capa Profile at Magnum  (report dead link)
Brief biographical profile and selected images from World War II and the Spanish Civil War.

Sam Abell at Masters of Photography  (report dead link)
Photographer dedicated to achieving artistic expression through documentary photography. Biography of the artist''s career.

Sam Abell at Nat Geo  (report dead link)
National Geographic info.

Sam Abell Interview  (report dead link)
Interview and photo gallery by Digital Journalist.

Sam Abell Workshop  (report dead link)
Reviews Sam Abell's workshop by Glen E. Johnson

Stephen Shore Gallery  (report dead link)
Artist's statement.

W. Eugene Smith  (report dead link)
Companion to the television series on the American photojournalist.

W. Eugene Smith, Life Photographer  (report dead link)
Recounts the Photographer's work during the World War II and for Life Magazine.

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