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Category: Famous Photographers Biographies

Looking for a biography of a past or present master photographer? This famous photographers list of masters like Ansel Adams, top rated photographer, and Annie Leibovitz will inspire, entertain, and educate you.

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Alfred Eisenstaedt  (report dead link)
Alfred Eisenstaedt, by Ray Zone.

Alfred Eisenstaedt  (report dead link)
Selected as the Photojournalist of the Century. Includes images, articles, and a video clip of an interview with Eisie.

Alfred Eisenstaedt Profile  (report dead link)
Brief profile of the artist, known as the father of modern photojournalism.

Alfred Stieglitz Photos and Commentary  (report dead link)
Several black and white and sepia tone images as well as commentary from the photographer.

Anne Geddes  (report dead link)
Official site.

Anne Geddes House  (report dead link)
Here you will find 450+ beautiful Anne Geddes photos.

Anne Geddes Until Now  (report dead link)
A retrospective collection of color and black and white photography celebrating new life.

Annie Leibovitz Gallery  (report dead link)
Features gallery, interview, and an essay by Susan Sontag.

Annie Leibovitz Interview  (report dead link)
Conversation with Leibovitz.

Annie Leibovitz, Famous Portrait Photographer  (report dead link)
Interview and selected photographs from the book Women.

Ansel Adams Exhibit - Portland Museum  (report dead link)
Notes from the exhibit.

Ansel Adams Images  (report dead link)
Links to images by Ansel Adams.

Ansel at NY Times  (report dead link)
1984 obituary from the New York Times. Registration required.

Ansel at the Portland Museum of Art  (report dead link)
Notes from the exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art.

Ansel Bio and More  (report dead link)
Includes biography, timeline, images, and articles.

Ansel: Japanese-American Internment  (report dead link)
Exhibits photographs of Japanese-American internment at Manzanar taken by Ansel Adams. From the Library of Congress.  (report dead link)
Showcasing the works of Adams as well as contemporary photographers in Yosemite

Art Wolfe  (report dead link)
Artist's Web site.

Christopher Burkett  (report dead link)
Artist's Web site.

David Muench  (report dead link)
Artist's Web site.  (report dead link)
Artist's Web site.

Dorthea Lange  (report dead link)
This master photographer was known for her realistic and haunting images of the Depression Era.

Dorthea Lange Exhibit  (report dead link)
Examines the photographer's work during World War II.

Dorthea Lange, Famous Photographer  (report dead link)
Features background and images.

Eadweard Muybridge Museum  (report dead link)
From the Kingston Museum.

Eadweard Muybridge, Historical Photog  (report dead link)
Looks at Eadweard Muybridge's photography of motion.

Edward Curtis at the Library of Congress  (report dead link)
From the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

Edward Curtis at the Smithsonian  (report dead link)
From the Smithsonian library, an online slide show of Curtis' work.

Edward Curtis, American Master  (report dead link)
An in-depth look at Edward Curtis' complex, controversial career, and his monumental life work documenting Native North Americans. Companion to the documentary "Coming to Light."

Edward Steichen  (report dead link)

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