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Mountain Meadow Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner
Mountain Meadow
Mountain Meadow
Mt. Rainier in Washington State
© Paul a. Harrett
Nikon D70 Digital ...
Jennifer S
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/9/2004
    This is beautiful, Paul! One of MANY gorgeous photos in your gallery!

8/18/2005 6:17:32 PM

Kay E. Mahoney
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kay
Kay's Gallery

member since: 4/23/2003

Fantastic capture Paul. Love the colors. Love how the sun is on the mountain.

8/18/2005 8:31:12 PM

Anderson D. Co
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/27/2005

Very nice scenery here, love how you maximized the depth all the way to your foreground. Fantastic composition.

8/19/2005 7:11:40 AM

Susie Peek-Swint
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/23/2002

Beautiful shot Paul ~ the touch of light reflected in the water is lovely ~ congrats on POTD!

9/22/2005 12:19:03 AM

ReBecca Hill

member since: 11/17/2003

I thought I saw that mountain before! Would have been a good one for the "Where In The World", contest. Absolutely beautiful pic Paul!

9/22/2005 12:33:44 AM

Ian Downey
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/24/2003

Hi there,

This is a very beautiful scene which has been very well captured. Lovely composition and the DOF is great with everything sharp from front to back.

Well done !


9/22/2005 12:46:02 AM

Patty Razonable

member since: 10/2/2004

Congratulations on your POTD!! This is a beautiful scenic capture!!

9/22/2005 1:01:22 AM

Kedar Sapre

member since: 7/6/2005

Hey Paul Amazing pic !!!

9/22/2005 1:15:51 AM

karyl  dalbey
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/1/2005

Paul, beautiful photograph! Very impressive. What time of year did you take the photograph. Timing is everything! Its difficult to capture natures beauty! You seem to have been fortunate to have done so! I loved it.
From: Karyl D.

9/22/2005 1:41:15 AM

Luciano Imperadori
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/30/2004

Paul very beautifull.I like the mountains. If you want to visit my web site

9/22/2005 1:56:45 AM

Donna Dunbar
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Donna
Donna's Gallery

member since: 5/6/2003

This is gorgeous Paul, congrats on POTD!!!

9/22/2005 2:05:03 AM

Vicki Hunt
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Vicki
Vicki's Gallery

member since: 12/28/2004

Congrats on this beautiful POTD!!!

9/22/2005 3:09:41 AM

Deborah C. Lewinson
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Deborah
Deborah's Gallery

member since: 12/25/2003

Congratulations on your POTD for this stunning image, Paul!

9/22/2005 3:48:55 AM

Michelle R. Kovach
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/4/2004

Beautiful shot Paul! Congrats on your POTD!

9/22/2005 3:52:57 AM

Leanne M.E. Boyd
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/16/2003

Gorgeous Paul! Congrats on your POTD -well deserved!

9/22/2005 4:06:53 AM

Scott Pedersen

member since: 11/18/2001


9/22/2005 4:15:46 AM

Joy Rector
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Joy
Joy's Gallery

member since: 6/26/2002

congrats on this beautiful POTD

9/22/2005 4:17:23 AM

Debra Booth
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/2/2004

Gorgeous, Paul! Congrats on your POTD!

9/22/2005 4:39:51 AM

Dan Walters

member since: 8/21/2004

Great Image! Love the light and colors.

9/22/2005 4:57:00 AM

Guy D. Biechele
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Guy
Guy's Gallery

member since: 7/15/2000

Congratulations on your POTD, Paul! Superb composition, love that reflection!

9/22/2005 4:58:07 AM

Tracy m. Bleers-Jarzembowski

member since: 5/13/2005

I think this location makes for a good photo, However, it takes a great eye to accomplish making a good photo a great photo. Congratulations, I think you did just that.

9/22/2005 5:02:29 AM

Wayne Nolting
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/18/2004

It has such a "refreshing" and peaceful look.

9/22/2005 5:03:31 AM

Christy L. Densmore
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/18/2005

What a beautiful shot, your POTD is very well deserved. Congrats.

9/22/2005 5:35:22 AM

Terrill Province
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Terrill
Terrill's Gallery

member since: 11/19/2004

CONGRATULATIONS ON POTD ~ and I'm so glad they honored you, because I may have missed seeing such an impressive image. Applause all around!

9/22/2005 6:05:53 AM

Cathy Barrows
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/13/2003

Congrats on your POTD...simply stunning

9/22/2005 6:06:00 AM

Claudette Foote
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/22/2005

Applause all around!

9/22/2005 6:11:26 AM

William C. Raco
BetterPhoto Member
Contact William
William's Gallery

member since: 3/4/2003

Beautiful photo, Paul
Congratulations on the POTD!


9/22/2005 6:25:01 AM

Claudette Foote
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/22/2005

Congrats on your POTD...

9/22/2005 6:47:46 AM

Evy Johansen
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Evy
Evy's Gallery

member since: 6/16/2002

Wow... how beautiful is this....... Many congratulations on your wonderful POTD, Paul!!

9/22/2005 6:55:45 AM

Melissa  L. Zavadil
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/26/2005

What a fabulous photo!! The colors are so wonderful! I love the natural beauty in this!! Very well done, it could be on a calendar or postcard!

9/22/2005 7:01:27 AM

Amanda Price
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/23/2004

Beautifully captured! Congrats on your POTD!

9/22/2005 7:53:49 AM

Mary N C. Taitt
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/18/2005

Now there's a gorgeous photo, WOW! Nice work! Congratulations on your POTD!!

9/22/2005 7:55:39 AM

Mary E. Heinz
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/23/2005

How wonderful !

9/22/2005 8:39:15 AM

Marda Jordan

member since: 6/14/2003

I have been there, but never at that time of day. Beautiful capture.

9/22/2005 10:07:27 AM

Dale S
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/5/2005

Very NICE Work Paul! You really have an eye for the beautiful scenery!
Many in your gallery are exceptional~
"Your a man after my own heart!"
I love this kind of photography!
This would certainly be a big seller all framed and would many of your other shots.
Congrats on POTD! You earned it sir!

9/22/2005 10:44:48 AM

Julianne K. First
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/24/2005

Gorgeous shot Paul, the composition is perfect...definately worthy of POTD!

9/22/2005 10:46:17 AM

Paul a. Harrett
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Paul
Paul's Gallery

member since: 8/25/2002

Nikon D70
Nikon 12-24mm f4 lens
Gelen Rowells 3 stop ND filter made the all the differnce for this image.
Thank you so very much for all your kind comments! They are greatly appreciated!!


9/22/2005 10:49:51 AM

Laurence Saliba
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Laurence
Laurence's Gallery

member since: 9/23/2004

A very beautiful image!!! Congrats on POTD!!!

9/22/2005 10:57:04 AM

Pieter Van Zyl
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/14/2005

This is fantastic

9/22/2005 11:11:07 AM

Mary  Clarke
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/16/2005

Many congratulations on POTD - lovely image Paul.

9/22/2005 11:36:02 AM

Melody Molinaro
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/18/2005

I love the reflection in the water! You really set up a great photo. Congrats!

9/22/2005 1:20:40 PM

Pu Chen

member since: 11/14/2003

What a wonderful scene you captured! Beautiful framing and very well done, Paul! Congratulations on your POTD!

9/22/2005 1:34:59 PM

John Connolly
BetterPhoto Member
Contact John
John's Gallery

member since: 2/28/2003

A very well deserved POD, congratulations Paul.

9/22/2005 1:36:45 PM

Cynthia M. Wiles
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Cynthia
Cynthia's Gallery

member since: 10/11/2003

Congratulations Paul on this gorgeous POTD!!!

9/22/2005 1:45:31 PM

Ed Heaton
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/13/2003

Just Awesome Paul! Congrats on POTD!

9/22/2005 3:33:41 PM

Candice C. Calhoun
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Candice
Candice's Gallery

member since: 10/30/2003

Beautiful POTD, congratulations!


9/22/2005 3:33:49 PM

Michelle H

member since: 9/2/2005

Beautiful POTD, thank you for sharing - just brightened my rainy day.

9/22/2005 5:54:14 PM

Laura Clay-Ballard
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/8/2005

gorgeous!!!!! congrats on potd!

9/22/2005 6:11:56 PM

Anita Taylor
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/19/2001

Awesome image, Paul! Clarity from front to back is incredible and the colors are beautiful!

9/22/2005 6:52:29 PM

Tony Gutowski

member since: 2/11/2005

Beautiful image Paul. Outstanding composition. Congradulation on POTD!-T.G

9/22/2005 6:56:38 PM

Chris Macer

member since: 5/16/2005

Wonderful landscape, Paul! Congrats on the POTD.

9/22/2005 8:25:55 PM

Robert L. Andersen
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/2/2004

Congratulations !! This is an absolutely gorgeous image !!

9/22/2005 9:57:29 PM

Carolyn J. Connolly
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Carolyn
Carolyn's Gallery

member since: 2/21/2003

I LOVE this BEAUTIFUL landscape image, Paul - a MOST deserving choice for Photo Of The Day!! CONGRATULATIONS!! :o)

9/23/2005 5:57:39 AM

Theresa  M. VanderStaay
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/13/2005

Beautiful image. Congrat's on POTD!

9/23/2005 8:01:35 AM

Donna LaMattino Pagakis
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Donna
Donna's Gallery

member since: 1/12/2004

Outstanding beauty, the lighting and depth are superb! Congratulations, very well deserved potd!!

9/23/2005 8:02:04 AM

Lori Carlson
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 2/11/2005

Much congratulations on your recognition here Paul!! Great title and beautiful photo. Love the relection you caught in the water....serves well for a scene that makes one reflect. Well done! :0)

9/23/2005 8:39:15 AM

Nancy Wilson

member since: 1/2/2004

Occasionally I keep a POTD for a while so I can go back to it. This is one of those that draws you in. Good job. Nancy

9/23/2005 10:25:57 AM

Jacqueline C. Harmon
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/22/2005

what an incredible scene....great photograph indeed! congrats on a well deserved potd!

9/23/2005 12:13:10 PM

Kirsi Bertolini
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 6/8/2005

This picture has all the great elements in all the right places! You feel like you are standing there and looking at the mountain! Incredible, reminds me of Little Heidi!

9/23/2005 12:19:30 PM

Keith L. Clayton
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 8/17/2004

Paul your work is gorgeous - Keep shooting!!

9/23/2005 1:21:36 PM

Terry L. Ellis
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Terry
Terry's Gallery

member since: 8/20/2004

Breathtaking, Paul! Congratulations on this well deserved POTD!

9/23/2005 5:45:20 PM

Ginger Demars

member since: 8/7/2005

This is a fabulous picture! Everyone else took the words right out of my mouth. The colors are rich and vibrant.
Great Job!

9/23/2005 6:16:13 PM

BetterPhoto Member
Contact KHAWLA
KHAWLA's Gallery

member since: 1/23/2005

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist!!!!!

9/24/2005 5:44:01 AM

Tonya Roberts
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 9/9/2005

Absolutely beautiful POTD...It made me want to take a step right inside it!

Where was it taken?

9/24/2005 5:16:54 PM

Els De Winter
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/26/2005

Gorgeous image, Paul!

9/25/2005 6:58:57 AM

Katleen R. Struckle
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Katleen
Katleen's Gallery

member since: 6/26/2003

Stunning image. Congrats on POTD!!

9/25/2005 4:16:17 PM

Virginia L. Allison
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/15/2005 very inviting.

9/25/2005 5:55:27 PM

kerby lee pfrangle
BetterPhoto Member
Contact kerby
kerby's Gallery

member since: 4/19/2005

Paul congratulations on your second place win. Job well done. KErby

9/26/2005 11:27:46 PM

Kay E. Mahoney
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Kay
Kay's Gallery

member since: 4/23/2003

Congratulations on your second place win Paul :)

9/27/2005 5:17:37 AM

Deborah  Sandidge
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Deborah
Deborah 's Gallery

member since: 2/4/2004

Beautiful image, congratulations, Paul!

9/27/2005 6:17:24 AM

BetterPhoto Member
Contact KHAWLA
KHAWLA's Gallery

member since: 1/23/2005

Congratulations on your wonderful Second place winner!!!!!!

9/27/2005 8:38:04 AM

Claudette Foote
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/22/2005

Paul congratulations on your second place win.

9/27/2005 1:10:04 PM

Jacqueline C. Harmon
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 3/22/2005

congrats on a well deserved winner!!!

9/27/2005 1:14:10 PM

Carolyn J. Connolly
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Carolyn
Carolyn's Gallery

member since: 2/21/2003

A MOST deserving Second Place winner, Paul!! CONGRATULATIONS!! :o)

9/28/2005 4:11:31 AM

John Connolly
BetterPhoto Member
Contact John
John's Gallery

member since: 2/28/2003

Congratulations Paul, on an above average photo and your second place win.

9/28/2005 1:00:21 PM

Serena Pierce

member since: 3/29/2002

Beautiful image Paul! Congratulations!!

9/28/2005 7:30:13 PM

doug Nelson

member since: 6/14/2001

Congratulations on a wonderfully crafted photograph. Would you consider using the Articles feature of your site to post a tutorial on the use of the neutral density filter?
Thi is the very kind of shot I am seeking to do in medium format.

10/13/2005 5:13:54 AM

Shirley A. Kinney
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 12/1/2006

Paul, this is an awesome image. Great composition and colors.

11/7/2007 6:47:16 PM

Bunny Snow
BetterPhoto Member
Contact Bunny
Bunny's Gallery

member since: 11/16/2004

A number of people feel their Nikon D70 cannot capture good pictures. But, I've often thought that it's the photographer, skill, use of proper filters and photoshop work that makes the image. And, you've proven this.

I need to get another adapter for my new, wider angle lenses to hold my Singh Ray filters. Which series of the Neutral density GRD filter did you use? The P series, or the Z series?

Congratulations on your second place winner and POTD.

1/5/2009 8:01:55 AM

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