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Differences in black and white film

What's the difference between Ilford Delta (400) and Ilford Pan?

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9/9/2003 11:24:42 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   The first and most glaring difference between Delta 400 and PanF is the speed. Delta 400 is ISO400 and PanF is ISO50. That's 3 stops. PanF is very fine grained and the Delta 400, while not bad, isn't even in the same ballpark as PanF. They're both excellent films. The main question is what are you going to use it for?

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9/10/2003 8:08:25 PM

Saman    Oops, i'm not sure if my reply was just sent. Anyway, if not, thank you Jeff K., for your response. However, the film is not PanF, it's merely Pan, and also ISO 400 (sorry for not being clear). I'd been using Delta 400 very regularly, but now I'm in the Middle East (Iran), and in attempts to restock, came across this Ilford Pan 400. I asked the shop assistant what the difference was, but she couldn't tell me. The shop didn't carry the Delta range at all. So, to recap, they're both Ilford, and they're both ISO 400, but one's called Delta and the other Pan. Still know if and what the difference is?

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9/10/2003 11:15:41 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Check this out. Maybe you will find the answer here.

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9/11/2003 7:34:43 AM

Saman    Thanks Jeff. I actually had looked at the website but couldn't discern what the difference was. I suppose I'll just have to develop a roll and see if I notice any differences. Again, thanks for your help though.

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9/12/2003 10:50:45 PM

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