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Gagan S. Matharoo

Mirror less cameras by FUJI - X 10

HI all

I am planning to buy a FUJI FILM x10- model mirror less camera

Although I own a canon kit with 2 bodies and a few prime lenses which are bulky to carry when going oout on family trips and walk around shooting.

i ama in a dilemma which mirror less to buy.
The prime reason to buy a mirror less camera is for walk around shooting and for for family trips.
Am looking to buy a FUji Film X 10 - as it has a zoom lens fitted on ( dont hv to carry around a bunch of lenses)with a F 2.0-2.8 range.

Want to know your opinions on the image quality and performance of the kit.

Thanks All

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7/18/2014 5:39:34 AM

Usman M. Bajwa
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  Gagan, your delimma is being widely felt over the larger photographer base, and many are thinking seriously of taking the leap to lighter smaller cameras which are almost equal in quality and results to the heavier bulkier DSLRs of the current era.

I am a big believer that in the not-too-distant future, mirror-less cameras will be used widely by photographers and the high end DSLRs will survive and that too only by the professional photogrpaers.

In your quest of getting a mirrorless lightweight camera, I suggest you take a look at the below website which you might find helpful in making the decision. There is Fuji X100 and X100S too to consider.


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7/19/2014 4:27:48 AM

doug Nelson   You already have Canon lenses. Take a look at the Canon Rebel SL1. After looking at mirrorless offerings, I am less that impressed by lenses that must be distortion-corrected in the software or by extensive software manipulation (if you shoot RAW). For what they are, I think they are WAY expensive.

The kit zoom on the SL1 is so sharp that reviewers ( are amazed. Use ANY of your other Canon lenses. The EF 40mm f 2.8 STM is as sharp as the Canon L's for $150. It crops to a 64 or so on the SL1, making for a great portrait, selection of a scene or even close-up lens. The OLD EF 24mm is sharp and compact, and would be a great carry-around general purpose lens.

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8/16/2014 12:10:00 PM

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