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Meghan Gonski

Printer ESPON

Okay, I had a printer ESPON Stylus Photo R320 which was awesome. I had it for 10 years. It now has plumb wore out.
I have been looking at printers and see two different ones I like:
ESPON Stylus Photo R2880
ESPON Stylus Photo R2000

I'm trying to decide which is best for me since I loved my old one. I print lots of photos for photography but I also do a lot of printing word documents, computer-made cards, etc.
Anyone know of these three printers and what would be good to buy if I have had and liked the R320
Thank you all at BP for taking the time to read my question. I hope you have good answers for me. :)

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8/13/2011 3:44:42 AM

Peter K. Burian
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/8/2004
  The R2880 is perhaps the very best 13x19 printer in the world.

It is amazing. Many are used by pro photographers. If you can afford it, this would be the ideal choice.

I have not tested the R2000 but there is a reliable Review at

It sound OK ... just OK

Cheers! Peter

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9/1/2011 4:30:22 PM

Meghan Gonski   hey peter! thanks for answering my question! I did get the R2880! I can't believe how big it is! I still need to install it and the PRINT! :)

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9/2/2011 2:00:09 PM

Lynn R. Powers   Congratulations on your new printer.

I have the Canon i9900 13x19 printer and have had it for 5 years. Here is some advice for you that I have learned by experience.

I do not know what size your ink cartridges your printer uses but mine only will take 13ml ink cartridges. They are very expensive per milliliter.
(Right around $15 per cartridge)
I purchased a complete replacement set of inks(8) when I bought the printer. Not all of the inks will run out at the same time. The first ones to run out are the Photo Magenta and Photo Cyan followed by Magenta and Cyan. Of cours if you are in a rain forest canopy the green will probably empty first.:=) When you need to replace a cartridge check the levels of the other inks. Notice which inks are low and purchase them also so that they will be on hand when you run out of ink on those.

I had to replace three inks the other day and now have none on reserve. I will call B&H Photo and order the complete set of eight inks plus extra PC, PM, C and M. The cost for the twelve cartridges will be slightly over $100. Purchasing them individually locally the price with tax would be about $180 for eight.

Make sure that your computer is properly calibrated! (This should have been my first statement)


Believe it or not paper is very inexpensive for inkjet printing, unless you use some of the "Art" papers which can be quite spendy to say the least. I use Ilford Pearl Smooth. So will my local printer if I specify it for larger prints because they keep a roll of a couple sizes on hand. (They purchase ink by the gallon for their Epson 44" printer.) You may find a paper made by Epson that you like a whole lot. I use Epson paper for my matte photos especially for B&W

When purchasing paper buy in the larger packages. 50 sheets of 12X18 cost a lot less per sheet than buying in a package of 10. However when testing a new paper purchase the sample pack or the letter size to make your tests. You do not want 40 sheets of 13x19 paper that you do not like sitting around collecting dust.


Oh, how I wish I could see your face and reaction when you make your first 12x18" print that comes out the way that looks perfect to you. I had a huge 'Cheshire Cat' smile on my face, got it in good light and kept repeating, "Wow, wow, wow! Pretty sure that you will do something similar as well as showing it to everyone at hand.

You will find that some photos do not look very good when enlarged to 12x18"
Some photos seem to fall apart and others the small imperfection become magnified so much that they distract from the image. This is especially true when the photo is taken from a cropped camera and moderately cropped. Some won"t even make a good 10 1/2x15 3/4" print. My 8x12" photos have to go on to 11x17" paper but I guess I could make two at a time using 13x19", even if I have to run the sheet through twice.

I have printed some 12x18" photos down to 180dpi and have them come out quite acceptable. Others that are barely acceptable are made into a smaller print. It is best to use 240dpi or better.

You have probably noticed that all of my photo sizes have a border on them. It gives people a place to hold them instead of getting their fingerprints all over the photo. Also it makes it easier for the people that that are going to do the matting for you.

Have fun and good luck.


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9/3/2011 3:00:30 PM

Lynn R. Powers   I wish we could edit these replies. The cost of a $180 is WRONG. It should be $120 for eight and $180 for twelve cartridges.
There are also a couple typos and sentences that should be edited.

Sorry about that. :=(


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9/3/2011 3:10:10 PM

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