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Wayne L

CS2 won't open raw images

Have been using PS2 for a while and it worked fine on all of my images. Then I had a larger new HD installed and I reinstalled PS2 and now it won't open the same raw files.I get this message box " Could not complete the request because it is not the right kind of document"

The same files the same program made. MG RAW

Thanks Wayne

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6/10/2010 6:08:29 PM

Leslie J. Morris
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/30/2007
  Did you download all the available upgrades off of Adobes site? Not sure what would be available still. Did you by any chance upgrade your camera as well? My guess is that you don't have the right upgrade for your camera when you re-installed it from the disc.

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6/16/2010 7:17:20 PM

Peter K. Burian
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/8/2004
  Yes, that is the problem.

However, Adobe stopped supporting CS2 a long time ago. So, there is NO available update that you can download at this time for CS2.

Any update that you will find now, will work only with *much* more recent versions of Photoshop.

I am not aware of any solution for your problem. Hopefully someone will have a suggestion.

If not, then you might need to use the software that came with your camera. OR buy the cheapest Adobe software that supports your camera's RAW format.

You don't say which camera it is; an older model I guess if PS2 was able to open its RAW files.

Photoshop Elements 7 may still be available and it supports all but the most recent cameras' RAW formats.

Make sure to buy the Mac or Windows version, depeding on the OS you use.

It's quite inexpensive now, since Elements 8 was released. $43 versus $85.

Cheers! Peter

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6/30/2010 7:21:58 AM

Rainer and Simone Hoffmann   Hi Wayne,

one solution to your problem would be to download the free DNG-Converter from the Adobe Website and batch convert all your RAW files from the proprietary RAW format of the camera manufacturer to the DNG format. PS CS2 can then read and open the DNG files. The DNG files are RAW files as well, so nothing is lost.

If you don't like the idea of converting all your images, try this link:

It has all versions of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) from 2.4 to the latest 6.2. For PS CS2 ACR 3.7 should be ok. If it doesn't work, try an earlier version.

Hope this helps.


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9/9/2010 8:04:58 AM

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