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How to add color tint to black and white photos

I just saw a black and white picture with a cool orange tint that made everything look sort of timeless. How did they do that?

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5/13/2002 3:37:57 PM

doug Nelson   A hundred years ago, guys used to go door-to-door, sit at your kitchen table, and hand tint your family photos. Now it's done is Photoshop.

Scan your neg OR your print at a resolution that will give you 300 pixels-per-inch at the size you will want the final print. (If you have a 5 x 7 to scan and you WANT a 5 x 7, scan at 300. If you want an 8 x 10 from a 4 x 6, scan at 600. Scan a neg at 2400)

In Photoshop, to to Image/Image Mode and change the grayscale image to RGB color. You won't see any change. Go to Image Adjust/Hue-Saturation and check Colorize. Play with the Hue and Saturation sliders until you see what you want. A printer will almost never give you exactly what you see, so you may have to do some tweaking.

Don't have an imaging program? Adobe Elements and Paint Shop Pro both get rave reviews. Both can do this, although the names for the operations will be different.

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5/15/2002 8:03:38 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   It sounds like what you saw was a sepia toned print. You can achieve this effect in several ways. As Doug mentions it can be done digitally. You can also have your b&w prints toned in the darkroom. Another method is to shoot C41 b&w film and have them printed on color paper. Just let the lab know you want sepia or browntone prints.

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5/15/2002 12:22:29 PM

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