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Tammy L. Newcomb
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Shooting Football and Cheerleading Teams?

I need feedback from anyone who has ever taken on photographing kid’s cheerleading and football teams.

I have been asked to submit a proposal to possibly photograph my entire county’s cheerleader and football teams of all ages, which is said to be 300+ kids.

I am new to this sort of thing and need advice on the best way to organize the photos as I take them and I would like it if someone could share an example of a price sheet that you have given to the customers (which would be the parents).

Does anyone have any links on how to shoot outdoors in high sun?
I will be working with a Nikon D40X (which is similar to a D80) I do have a SB-600 speedlite and I need tricks and tips.

I have heard a lot of complaints about past photographers and the hot spots on their child’s photos but most often the photographs are taken around noon in the middle of an open field when the sun is at its worst in my opinion.

I want to be able to avoid (if all possible) the very complaints of the parents.

Right now I getting ready to submit a proposal and need a price sheet template…

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2/23/2009 7:32:26 AM

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