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Kathy Reeves
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DVD backup- burning vs copying

Is it better to burn photos to a DVD or copy and paste? Does one "last" longer than the other. I would think the burning would be the superior method.

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12/15/2008 6:46:35 AM

"Is it better to burn photos to a DVD or copy and paste?"

1) to achieve WHAT, Kathy? What is your purpose?

2) you cannot copy and paste photos to a DVD. You CAN drag & drop photos to a DVD, but you will also need to burn it.

3) BURNED DVDs as opposed to PRESSED DVDs suffer from osmosis from the moment they were burned. They WILL become unreadable in 5 to 10 years maximum! So to be safe I write the burn date on those DVDs and replace them with newly burned DVDs BEFORE they are 3 years old! (And destroy the old ones).

Have fun!

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12/15/2008 7:19:02 AM

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