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Wireless remote shutter release for Nikon D200

Hi, everyone, I'm Lily from China, a new comer of betterphoto. I like photography and make friends. I hope to make many good friends here in betterphoto.

I knew from the forum that it seems many people have confusion with camera accessories. It's very lucky that I have a camera store dealing in all kinds of camera accessories, so it's easy for me know more about new accessories features, and it's my pleasure to share the accessories information with all friends in Betterphoto.

I just got a kind of new wireless remote shutter release for test. According to its statement, it can be applied to Nikon D3/D300/ D200/ 100/D2H/D1H/DIX professional DSLR and FSLR camera which supports remote socket.
With new micro electon anti-jamming technology and shutter timing control system, this wireless remote shutter can realize many photography functions for the camera. It contains one Remote transmitter with a built-in 12V/23A alkaline battery which emits controlling signals, one Receiver with a separate 3V/CR2 lithium battery which can be inserted into the camera hot shoe mount and receive signals. It supports multi-stage frequency trim combination, a four-digits code switch is available on both the transmitter and the receiver, which can realize 15 groups of corresponding remote control combination, and has really perfect anti-jamming. Let’s go to find out its detailed features and functions.
Headline features:
1. Really long-distance remote control
With the 16 channels wireless remote control, you can trigger the camera’s shutter release from a maximum effective area around 100m (open area without interference, approximately 300ft), unlimited to direction(360°), which is very fit for outdoors photographers, especially used for geological prospecting, wild shooting, and traveling.
2. Multi-function control
Normal Shooting:
Turn on the receiver power switch (red light on), set the transmitter function switch at B, and set the camera at single shoot mode or continuous shoot mode, it will control the camera to single shoot or continuous shoot correspondingly. Half press the shutter button on the transmitter for focusing (the light turns to green). Fully press to take photos (lights of the transmitter and receiver turn to red).
B mode- for long exposure:
Turn on the receiver power switch (red light on), set the transmitter function switch at B, and set the camera at B mode, press the shutter button on the transmitter for 3 seconds until the Red Light on the transmitter goes off, then the receiver is in B mode ( indicated by the Red Light on the receiver), and you may use B mode function with the remote control now. If you want to call off B mode function, fully press the shutter button on the transmitter again to turn off it.
Three seconds delay:
Turn on the receiver power switch (red light on), set the transmitter function switch at G, then the delay function is on now. Half press the shutter button on the transmitter for focusing, and fully press the shutter button, then the camera will take photo in 3 seconds.
3. Manual Function
Using a high-quality PU spring cable (the normal length is about 50cm, and the extended length is about 150cm) as connecting wire of the receiver, you may use the receiver as a cable remote shutter release when the transmitter is out of power, or when you want the receiver far away from the camera for secret shooting. All functions are same to the transmitter.
4.Multi-Channels Control and group racket function
Multi-Channels Control:
With 16 channels for choosing, it has strong anti-interference function, specially for several photographers working together. Each photographer could choose his own channel to trigger off his camera shutter avoiding triggering off others' due to overlapping signals.
Group Racket Function:
When setting up the transmitter’s code switch at , the transmitter can control all receivers in a certain zone to realize focusing, shutter release and B mode control.

Control type: Frequency 433Mhz, four-digit code available
Transmitter size: 80(L)*25(W)*18(H)mm
Receiver size: 50(L)*40(W)*30(H)mm (including hot shoe)
Battery: Transmitter—23A, Receiver—CR2
Battery life: Approximately 1000 times
Transmission range: about 100m (300ft) in open area, 360°
Net Weight: 80g (including batteries)
PU wire: normal length 50cm, extended to 150cm

Other models available:
N2: For Nikon D70/D70S
S1: For Sony a100/200/300/350/700/900 and Minolta a7D/a5D
C1: For Canon 450D/400D/350D/300D, Pentax K20D/K200D/K10D/K100 and Samsung GX-20/GX-10
C3: For CANON 1D/1Ds and EOS5D/40D/30D/20D/10D

If you have any wants and needs, please feel free to contact me.


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12/15/2008 5:00:54 AM

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