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John Swanson

Darkroom Techniques - Dodging and Burning

I see on various Web sites terms such as dodging and burning. I'd like to know what these terms mean, and any further information on what a professional lab can do when I order an enlargement or have film developed. When I have my 120 film done, I get a contact sheet back. Can I indicate cropping on these? If so, how should I do it? Are there any books for beginners which discuss developing/printing options?

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4/17/2002 9:20:04 AM

Jeff S. Kennedy   Dodging is the technique of holding back light from a specific area of your print. It is done to lighten up an area. Burning is just the opposite. In this case you are giving an area more exposure to darken it. A washed out sky for example can be burned to bring out detail.

Different labs may have different procedures for indicating custom cropping and manipulation. Check with your lab for their preferences. You should just be able to draw crop marks on your contact sheet. You can also indicate areas to dodge or burn. Your lab will probably have specific symbols for each or these actions that they prefer to use to avoid confusion.

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4/17/2002 12:06:02 PM

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