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Kimberly  N. McNabb


I'm a portrait photographer and shopping for a laptop. What do you suggest? I'm considering a Mac, but have never used one. Is it going to be a tough change?

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6/12/2007 6:39:38 PM

John P. Sandstedt
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/8/2001
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  Your question will invite the next chapter of an endless debate. Just as thereis no answer to Which CaAme First, the Chicken or the Egg - there is no answer to whether Nikon is better than Canon or whether PC is better than Mac.

It's probably true that, if you're really into graphics [e.g. employed in advertising, etc.] the Mac might be the better choice. But, for most of us, PCs really are the better choice as there are more of them out them and many more folks to provide help [when one needs it.]

Then, there's price. If you've got bucks to burn, the Mac will cost lots more.

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6/13/2007 4:46:26 AM

Debby A. Tabb
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/4/2004
I have Fijitsu and Toshiba and I am really looking at changing to the Mac myself.
My suggestion would be to look at reviews and consumer reports (even Ebay has these reports)
John is right, here this will just be a debate.
And for goodness sake do not take the advise of a sells person!
deside on the mashine you want and go in to buy that mashine.
I do hope this helps,

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6/13/2007 5:50:03 AM

Steven W. Witte   Kimberly

Your going to have to decide what you want to use your computer for. Is it for editing Photos ? NO need to buy something that you can not fully use.


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6/13/2007 9:24:47 PM

Ariel Lepor
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/8/2005
  I suggest getting a Mac. They are more stable and faster, which is a plus when working with precious pictures. Photoshop runs on Macs, as do many other programs. There is a wonderful tool you can get, Parallels, which can 100% get rid of any worry about loosing everything from your old computer. You can, in effect, put your old computer (or make a new Windows computer) as a vertual computer inside the Mac. It works wonderfully. Version 3 of the program (downloadable) also has a new tool which lets you open a file from either OS with a program in the other OS.

P.S. I just got a Mac and use it right next to my Windows (on a network). Macs work a little differently than Windows, but it doesn't take much time getting used to it (thought you may find yourself asking a few questions in forums). It is generally better, IMO, than Windows. I use Parallels, version 2.5, and it is excellent for getting the best of both worlds.
P.P.S. AFAIK, Parallels comes with Kaspersky internet security for free.

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6/13/2007 11:47:14 PM

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