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Jayme Talbott

What to Photograph in Wine Country CA?

My husband and eye are heading on a self guided wine country tour in California next week. I have been told that it is just beautiful there. I am planning on taking photographs everywhere. I wondered if anyone had been to the Napa/Sonoma valley region and had some "must have" areas to photograph. I am open to day excursions. We will be there for 6 days !

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5/14/2007 11:26:38 AM

Debby A. Tabb
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/4/2004
  A drive though Carmel, WOW!
Montery and fishermans warf, The City and through out Napa.
You should not be boared.
Have a great time,

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5/14/2007 1:27:09 PM

Bring your tripod, UV filter(s) and circular polarizer filter(s)!
Consider aperture bracketing, and shoot in RAW(+JPG). Later, in PP, you'll be able to create gloriously sun-drenched vistas with a rich dynamic range you cannot achieve otherwise.

Have fun!

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5/14/2007 1:35:25 PM

Mark Feldstein
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/17/2005
  No Debby, Monterey and Carmel aren't even in the same county as Napa where they're planning to visit. But if you plan to get up here, let me know, and I'll send you a map. Actually, it's pretty easy. Just head north on highway 101, or even 1, and take a left at Salinas, then head west until your hat floats.


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5/14/2007 5:52:43 PM

Jayme Talbott   Debby, we dont plan on heading south of San Fran but I do hear that Carmel is the place to go... I am mostly looking for things around the russian river/napa/sonoma valley and Northern Bay area... maybe something in national seashore (I think that is what it wa called).
Mark, are you in the N. Ca area? I would like to go somewhere where there are some cliffs/water to see (not necessarily swim, just coastlines and cliffs).

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5/14/2007 5:56:48 PM

Tamera S. Phillips
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/28/2005
  Jayme one of the most beautiful wineries I found in Napa is the Beringer Winery. Wonderful textures and lines. And...the wine is pretty good too. If you just drive through town you will have plenty of places to stop and shoot. Another great little town is Yountville. Have a great trip.

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5/14/2007 6:48:15 PM

Mark Feldstein
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/17/2005
  Hi ya Jayme. Yep. I live smack dab between Monterey and Carmel, actually closer to Carmel, in Pebble Beach along the coast. Lotsa cliffs, some beaches, nice scenery here and on the way south to Big Sur and North of Santa Cruz toward San Francisco, about 90 miles from here. If you plan to visit around here, give me a shout before you do and I'll be glad to tell you about places to see and stay and eat where the locals hang out. :>) The water is waaay too cold this time of year for swimming without a wet suit. About 52-55 degrees f.

Napa is nice but a bit too flat for me. Take the wind train from downtown Napa. It's a day tour with lunch provided (with a reservation) if you want. It's a nice trip and stops in some interesting vinyards.

North bay is beautiful with a lot of quaintness happening in places like Bodega Bay and Point Reyes (where Hitchcock filmed "The Birds".) The coastal area north of San Francisco is pretty too, but so are the Marin County headlands, Muir Woods and Sausalito where you can grab a nice ferry boat ride across the bay to downtown San Francisco, and then ride the Powell Street cable car up to Market and downtown in the other direction(s), among other places.

Drop me an e-mail and I'll be glad to give you our phone number. Meanwhile, ;>)

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5/14/2007 8:20:44 PM

Mark Feldstein
BetterPhoto Member Since: 3/17/2005
  Sorry Jayme, it's the WINE train. Or in my old neighborhood, the "whine train" not the wind train as I misspelled. LOL !!! Sorry. The wind train, I guess would be the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). :>)

I can't remember if the train has its own website, but I'm sure even the Napa Chamber of Commerce has a schedule for it.

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5/14/2007 8:26:36 PM

Jayme Talbott   we already have our tickets for the wine train. We are going at in the early evening so perhaps that will make for some nice photo opportunities. We will see. We are planning on heading towards Point Reyes so that should be nice.
Tamara, we are actually staying a couple of nights in Yountville so that should be nice. I will make sure that I post some pic's when I get back. Surely I will take something that is good while I am there!

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5/15/2007 5:55:01 AM

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