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Jayme Talbott

BP Courses: Feedback?

Has anyone taken any courses through BP? What did you think? Just want to see if it is worth the money.

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5/11/2007 9:50:24 AM

Kerry Drager
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  Hi Jayme,
Thanks for your interest in BetterPhoto's online photography school! Our classes are very interactive, with weekly lessons and assignments, critiques by a professional, and discussions among students and instructor. They're a lot of fun and you'll learn a lot in a short amount of time.

Incidentally, we have lots of input from people who have actually taken these classes. Check out our testimonials page. Also, each course has its own testimonials page, plus a link to additional reviews.

We are quite proud of our virtual classroom concept. Here's a very quick tour of how the classes work.

Hope this helps in your decision-making, Jayme!

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5/11/2007 12:32:28 PM

Bob Cournoyer
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  Hi, Jayme!
I've taken several BP online classes. I'm a great fan/supporter of them! If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me and I'll be more than happy to fill you in. It's easier that way than starting a big discussion about the benefits/drawbacks of online classes... :-)

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5/11/2007 7:32:30 PM

Irene Troy
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/27/2004
  Hi Jayme –
I am currently enrolled in my 7th BP class. I got much more than my money’s worth in each class. As Kerry pointed out, you can view feedback on the BP page. However, if you are like me, what you really want to know is what people thought about the class that you might be considering. You also may want to hear directly from someone, not just read something they wrote some time back. Here is my take: each class is taught be a working pro – many of whom are well known and well regarded in the world of serious photography. I am taking a class now with Tony Sweet. He is one of the newest Nikon “Legends Behind the Camera” and is considered one of the top working nature photographers in the business. This is not a class for the beginner, but when you are ready, he is a very challenging and inspirational teacher. I have also taken classes with Brenda Tharp, Kerry Drager, and Jennifer Wu. These are published pros with years of experience and loads of respect from other pros in the field. Each class was terrific and well worth the cost and the time.

I first went the route of reading everything I could find on the subject of photography and participated in different online forums. As a writer, I figured that I could learn on my own by reading and asking questions. After a year or so of this method, I decided to take my first BP class. It was, in terms of my career, the best decision I made. Now I market my images along with my writing and am finally getting more work than I can easily handle – an enviable position. Can you learn everything that is taught in these classes by reading a book or participating in the forums? Personally, I think not. The feedback from the instructor coupled with the sharing between fellow students is invaluable. Many instructors have published books on the subjects that they now teach; however, these books (and I have most of them!) are not as detailed or specific as the classes. Instructors will critique your work in a manner that I have not seen here or elsewhere. I have taken classes – both photography and other areas – online from other sources and keep returning here to BP because I find their classes to be the best for my needs.

Keep in mind that, just as in everything else in life, what you put into the class strongly affects what you get out. If you can set aside time every week to practice the techniques taught in the class and submit work for critique you will probably gain a great deal.

If you have specific questions or want some inside info on the classes I have taken, feel free to e-mail me and I’ll tell you what I know. Good luck!


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5/12/2007 2:31:52 PM

Carlton Ward
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  Hello Jayme,
I have taken 6 classes and all I can say is that my skills and understanding have grown so much faster than I could accomplish reading books and practicing on my own. I would get stuck in one way of thinking or shooting because I read it to be the way, but the courses taught me several different ways of seeing the composition and obtaining the correct exposure. I usually take a (learn to take better photos) type class along with a Photoshop class & I have taken 3 of each. Since Photoshop is our digital darkroom, I am always looking for more understanding and ways of manipulation and processing although I try my best to get my exposure right so that I dont need to photoshop it.
I have taken classes with Jim Zuckerman (2), Lewis Kemper, Paul Gero & Jon Canfield and they are all great and I feel lucky to have learned from them.

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5/25/2007 12:41:30 PM

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