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aileen cockburn

Family photo

I have been asked to take photos os a family 2 parents and 2 grown up children in their 20 on eboy and one girl.
The dad is confined to a wheel chair and has to be photographed in it has anyone taken photos of a group like this where one of the participants is in a wheel chair can anyone tell me what positions work best as oblivously they have to be down low

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4/27/2007 10:06:02 AM

Debby A. Tabb
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/4/2004
Choose a background and get some extra matieral to match.
Using matierals to cover parts of wheel chair that you may want out of the portrait,pose the wheel chair at a 45 degree angle from the backdrop in about mid screen.
Mom, should go on a stool VERY close to wheel chair, have here strattle it (one leg toward the front the other toward the back) so she will be able to lean in very close.
Oldest boy on Dads other side on stool in same position ( see your CDs for hieght positioning and head and hand placement)
Others behind, make sure and angle.
Posing blocks come in handy again see your CDs and also the Studio Photography Thread.
Now thats good for Traditional.
But see if you can also celebrate the Wheel Chair, by taking candids of Dad with Mom on lap, with legs in the air, having fun ect. these come out very cute.
Make sure to get approvals with Dad w/oldest son (same pose as Mom and Dads together)
turn Dad to angle the oppisite direction and pose the other son with Dad.
Nice head shots with Dad and Mom.
You now have a Great wall group.
Mom & dad
Dad & each boy.
Mom & her Boys
I hope this helps,

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4/27/2007 11:05:37 AM

aileen cockburn   Thanks debby I will tell them suggestions.
i am not doing it for a few weeks so have time to come up with a list to show them to make sure they are happy with what I am going to take.
Did you get my email

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4/27/2007 1:41:31 PM

Debby A. Tabb
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/4/2004
So many think they have to provide lists ect to clients.
This is not nessisary nor is it suggested.
I run into this every day,
Clients really do not know what they want ,whats good for them.
This IS our job!
To give them what they came for and what they didn't dream of.
Thats how you make your money.
If you or any of us leave it to our clients they will say " I just want the one a paid for, or the cheapiest.
Thats not good for business or as a artist.
So, read cds more and just go in there as if you have been doing this a life time and shoot what you believe is good for your clients.
* pose lists are on Family CD.
and instuction on apporvals for a group.
and LOTs of examples an all CDs.
Trust me you'll be fine,

No I did not see a email??? sorry.

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4/27/2007 6:05:57 PM

aileen cockburn   Thanks debby. I am not charging for this shoot as I am still learning I will probably just charge for ink and paper, I do however ask everyone I have been taking recently (for practice) if I can include a couple of their photos in my portfolio for college interview.
Sorry you didnt et email I will send it again later(if I can remember what I was asking)

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4/28/2007 12:01:33 AM

Debby A. Tabb
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/4/2004
  lol,lol, ok go ahead and send it ,I may not get to it till tommorrow morning as I am out of town.
have a great day,

Oh Aileen,
even though they are practice, this is a great time for you to practice being in control of your shoot as well.
What better time then with friend and family who will enjoy watching you and understand as you try new and different things.
just a thought.

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4/28/2007 9:29:52 AM

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