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Lino Conti

Cross Processing Reprints

I've been experimenting with cross-processing for sometime now and have achieved some interesting and successful results. However, it appears to be impossible for either a pro lab or commercial to reprint the original results that I achieved upon first printing. I really enjoy cross processing but am now wondering about the medium's practicality. If I can't make copies of my results then what is the point to cross processing? Is this an area where I have to have access to a lab and spendless hours performing the task myself?


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9/21/2001 7:59:52 PM

Jeff S. Kennedy   There are lab rental places in larger cities. If you don't have access to such a place you should be able to have the reprints printed like the original proofs. Simply supply the lab with copies of the originals and have them match them. If they can't then find a new lab.

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9/21/2001 9:27:40 PM

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