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Donna Dunbar
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Help Me Decide

I thought my mind was made up, but now I have another Digital Camera choice. A friend has suggested I buy the New Nikon D-200. I was going to buy the Nikon D70S so it's between the 2. I do actually make some money doing portriats so I guess that makes me a semi pro because all my income does not come from photography. So here I am and I would really like to know the difference 4 MP more will make to a camera. I looked at the specs for both and all seem to be rather semiliar except for the MP a D-200 have 10.1 and a D-70s having 6.1. the biggest I can see between the 2 is the price tag and as of right now the availability.( D-200 back ordered indeffinately) So I ask my better photo friends to please help me make a choice. I can afford the D-200 but if I buy the D-70s I would have more money to buy some other equipment. Please help me decide.
Your Better Photo Friend, Donna

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1/4/2006 2:45:59 PM

Bob Fately   Donna, the D200's additional 4MP are not all that terribly important - to have just twice the resolution of the D70 a chip would need 24MP (double the pixels in both directions).

Where the D200 really is different, and what you're really gettting for the additional grand, is a much heavier-duty build, some more advanced metering capabilities and the ability to use more of the older non-automatic Nikkor lenses.

That said, the D70 (well, D70s now) is, by all accounts, an outstanding camera and should serve you quite well in your portraiture endeavors. A number of wedding shooters use D70s, so don't worry about image quality.

IMHO you will be far better off using that additional thousand bucks to get better glass, or at least other accessories.

WHich is not to say the D200 isn't outstanding - I'm on the waiting list for one - but I have an old PB-4 bellows and a 55MM f1.2 and some other stuff that just don't work well with the D70.

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1/4/2006 2:56:15 PM

Donna Dunbar
BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/6/2003
  Thank You Bob for your quick response. My biggest concern was image quality. I currently use a film camera an F-100 and I love it but I really need a digital and had heard from a few people how great the D-70s was. I sure appreciate your input and I am thinking that maybe I should just go ahead and get the D-70s and by the time I'm ready to get the D-200 maybe the price will be way down.

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1/4/2006 3:26:40 PM

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