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Dawn Martin

Upgrading my camera

I currently have a Nikon N55 which I bought a couple years ago as my first good camera. I have done really well and also furthered my interest in photography. I would like to upgrade to something that I can use in a few years in a more professional respect. I love the auto functions of my N55 but do need some additional capabilities, i.e. cable release input is my biggest concern. Any suggestions or other things I should be looking for? I would like to stick with a 35mm SLR and really do like Nikon.

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4/24/2005 8:16:52 PM

Michael H. Cothran   You don't mention whether you would like to stay in film, or convert to digital. In either case, Nikon, does not offer that many different bodies in their current lineup, so your choices are pretty much mapped out for you without having to ask. The N55 was an entry level camera. So just about any body in their lineup could be considered an "upgrade."
However, if you are thinking "professional level," then that would narrow your choices to either the F100 or the F5. Both are fine photographic instuments. However, in a "few years" as you mentioned, there may be other greater film or digital cameras available, and either of these pro level Nikons may be outdated in terms of technology.
I would buy based on your needs today, and reassess your needs in a few years based on what's available then.
If the pro level Nikons are not in your budget today, Nikon makes some very nice midrange film cameras. Just go to their site, and read the data.
Good luck,
Michael H. Cothran
PS- If digital is in your future, you can also consider the Fuji S2 or S3 bodies which accept all Nikon accessories, including all Nikon lenses. Personally, I prefer the Fuji digital cameras to Nikon's current digital lineup.

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4/25/2005 6:06:06 AM

Kerry L. Walker   The Nikon F100 and F6 (replacement for the F5) are both great pro instruments. The Nikon N80 is about as close as you can get to the F100 without paying the price for that camera. As Michael has said, in a few years all of these cameras will probably be "outdated" as far as the latest technology is concerned. However, the will definitely not be outdated in regard to the quality of the images they can make. Each of these cameras offers all the automation you could want plus the ability to go completely manual when you want. I wouldn't be concerned about waiting for an upgrade. I have two cameras that I use the most. One is a 25 year old Plympus OM-2n and the other is a Pentax 645N (3 years old). The only shooting modes the Olympus has are aperature-priority and manual. The Pentax has AP, shutter-priority, program, and manual. What do I use? AP and manual only. For me, the other two modes are wasted. Yes, I use my newer camera just like I use the 25 year old camera.

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4/25/2005 6:36:11 AM

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