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Sasha Ms Plavsic

Indoor Lighting

I am doing a project on all the tenants in my builidng and photographing in their rooms. I am working with a 28mm Nikon F3 and an old medium format Mamiya C3.

I am attempting to catch natural through the windows but am working with Kodak NC 160 pushed one stop and am still having to work with 2.8 aperture at a 30th of a second.

To achieve the next best thing to natural light should I use a fill flash or a diffused lamp?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks Sasha

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2/24/2005 5:42:36 AM

Kerry L. Walker   Try using 400NC or maybe Portra 800. Either will let you keep the effect of natural light.

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2/24/2005 9:23:15 AM

Joan Bellinger   It would also be good to use a tripod/monopod if you can.

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2/24/2005 11:23:42 AM

Sasha Ms Plavsic   Ya, I think using 160 and pushing is causing the colours to bleed too much. Do you have suggestions if I were to use a flash with a sync cord?

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2/24/2005 2:07:53 PM

Doug  Elliott
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Please understand you will be mixing light sources. You have daylight, tungsten, and you add flash. Should not be a problem. I would suggest you use the flash either a bare bulb or use the flash by bouncing it either off the ceiling or off a wall. Depending on the way you want to go, you can use a foam core reflector on the opposite side of the subject that will allow you to push light back into the shadow side of the people you are doing. I would suggest you do not a direct on camera flash, bounce it. You will like the soft quality of light.
Hope these ideas help, keep shooting.

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2/24/2005 8:12:33 PM

Kerry L. Walker  
If you want your photo to be true to the colors as the eye sees them, follow Doug's advice. Your colors will be correct and the light will be soft. However, you might want to shoot a few shots without flash, using only the mixed lighting available. I will try to upload a photo I shot. I shot this photo with only the available light, which was sunlight coming through the stained glass windows and incandescent light from above. I also shot this same pose with flash, just to see the difference. I don't have the flash photo on my computer so I can't load it for comparrison. However, in the flash shot, I lost most of the shadows, which I wanted to keep and I lost most of the reflections on the floor, which I also wanted to keep. I actually like this example better, even though there is a slight golden glow from the incandescent light.

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2/25/2005 7:10:59 AM

Kerry L. Walker  
  Girl at Catholic Church
Girl at Catholic Church
© Kerry L. Walker
Olympus OM-2
Ill try again.

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2/25/2005 7:18:50 AM

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