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Susan Bohanon
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/8/2004

Advertising on a Budget

Does anyone have any successful tips on advertising on a budget?

Most of my personal contacts live on a budget like I do and so many don't do portrait work so they don't think to pass along my name.

I'm just trying to reach outside the box and advertise outside of my circle of friends/acquitances.

Thank you!

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2/22/2005 8:12:44 AM

Luciano Bayardo   Susan,

I have used flyers and handed them out at daycares, dance classes, even walked at Wal-Mart parking lot to leave them on cars, this is cheap and effective as I have listed 3 basi packages available.

Another opportunity, asks your friends, to host a portrait party. See Cyndi Braken for details. I had my 1st one with great sucess, I have 3 more follow ups, simply by word of mouth. 1st party generated $375...with 5 people!

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2/22/2005 11:04:16 AM

Cindy K. Bracken
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/8/2004
  Luciano, I'm glad your portrait party went well! Another good and inexpensive way to advertise is to ask businesses if you can display some of your work on their walls (such as children's clothing stores, etc). Best of luck, Susan!

Cindy Bracken
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2/24/2005 3:55:33 AM

Nathan M. Yeagle   Susan,

This is not a direct idea for your business adventures but its just an idea of thinking outside the box. I was recently reading a box and this gentlemen started up a Cigar mailorder business well as the business took off all these other companies wanted to be involved some how so This guy decided to put advertisements on his boxes he shipped out $1 a box per ad. As this guy says in the book even "sell the sawdust". So in turn I say just let your creativity flow and good luck.

Nate Yeagle

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2/24/2005 7:25:15 AM

Nathan M. Yeagle   I was reading a book not a box......

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2/24/2005 7:28:51 AM

Tammy L. Odell
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/7/2004
  business card
business card
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Why don't you print up some business cards?? I print my own on my printer and leave them everywhere I can. I live in avery small town. I leave them at our quickstop and our local cafe. Anywhere else I go and there is a place to leave a card. Many times when I go back the cards are gone. I have a great friend who hands them out all the time!! I have had some customers because of this!! It is very inexpensive and it allows people to see your work at first glance!!! Good luck!! Here is a sample of one of several of my cards!!!

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2/24/2005 9:50:03 AM

Susan Bohanon
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/8/2004
  Thanks for all the feedback! I really appreciate it!!
Some good thoughts here.

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2/24/2005 10:47:38 AM

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