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Karen Cantrell

How to light a subject with studio lights

What is the correct placement for studio
lighting when taking a portrait? I
usually place one to left of camera
and one to right.
Thanks, Karen

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2/8/2005 12:36:04 PM

Kerry L. Walker   Place one to one side of the camera at about a 45 degree angle to the subject, higher than the subject, pointing down on the subject. This will be your main light. Place the other next to the camera at about the same level as the camera pointing at the subject. This will be your fill light and should be less intense than you main light. The intensity can be varied either by using a less powerful light or by placing it further from the subject.

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2/8/2005 12:40:22 PM

Michael H. Cothran   There is no 'correct' placement of lights, but several accepted methods for achieving different results. My best advice for you is to google Monte Zucker, and learn everything from the man that you can, and read every word he writes. He is arguably the foremost portrait photographer of the late 20th century, and still going strong. His lighting and posing are second to none. And best of all, he shares all his techniques with the world.
Michael H. Cothran

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2/9/2005 10:51:58 AM

Kerry L. Walker   Yes, he is. He also uses 4 lights and a reflector.

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2/9/2005 1:59:04 PM

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