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got a univeristy project, and I have no inspiration at all, just need a bit of a push. its called Journey. we have to research the idea of a journey and ways in which it can be visually expressed/mapped/charted/narrativised.a journey doesnt have to be interpreted literally as a physical distance travelled from a-b, over a geographical space.time,space,movement,distance,change of situation are all potentially useful metaphors to help describe a variety of journeys...

anyone have any ideas of what kinda area would be interesting.... or any suggestions at all, id be very grateful. cheers

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11/21/2004 5:53:52 AM

John P. Sandstedt
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  You've been assigned a photo essay. Here's one I experimented with.

With a friend, and several wardrobe changes [could be just a different coat and hat] visit a number of railroad stations along a route. [Obviously, this is do-able in a more urban locale.]

Take pictures of incoming, arriving and outgoing trains including your friend, not a subject, but as part of the picture. For example, s/he could be reading a timetable as a train arrives. Be sure to take shots in the station as well as on the platform: you're subjects are the stations and trains, the shot continuity lies in the fact that the same person can be seen in every shot [apprearing differently due to wardrobe change.]

You have to be careful, however; you don't want to create a series of shots that could be characterized as "Johnny at one RR station after another." Be sure to use wide angle and telephoto shots. And remember, you don't have to include an entire train. Maybe just a door, maybe an advertisement [billboard] on the platform, maybe a unique bench or old clock in the waiting room, maybe a conducted talking to your friend.

Good Luck.


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11/21/2004 9:56:24 AM

Pamela C.M Lammersen
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  hello Sarah
here's a question for you... how do you normaly find your inspiration?....

if it is a project 'you' have to do, it should be 'your' project not someone elses. Seems like you have quite a wide field you can cover and it will have many different ways to document depending on what you narrow down to.

My advise... (for what it is worth) take a long walk (leave the cell phone at home) and observe your surroundings - it will clear your head so you can think, and then your ideas will start to flow. Before you know it you will find yourself at the beginning of a great project just for you.

good luck

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11/21/2004 5:22:55 PM

Shauna Linde
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  Sarah- I had a similar problem when I had an assignment to do a photo collage. I couldn't think of ANYTHING to take pictures of. Try looking through some photo books at a library or book store. It might give you some ideas of things to try. If your teacher will allow you to, ask if there are any examples you can reference. This may give you some ideas just by seeing what others have done. Good luck! Finding inspiration can be hard when you've got deadlines.

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11/22/2004 6:08:02 PM

Cindy Koller   The first responder is correct in that you have been asked to do what is best known as a photo essay, or a group of photos that tell a story.

What I do when looking for inspiration is Google. In this case as simple search for Photo Essay is a good place to start. You should be able to find examples, articles, how-to's, tips, and if you actually get creative with searches and spend some quality time, you may actually learn a great deal about the subject at the same time.

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5/22/2015 8:09:04 PM

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