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Efrain J. Rios

darkroom issues

hi, yesterday I developed my first black and white film, and my negatives were very odd, some were very thin and didn't aperared but some shots were very very dark, I used D76 for 4 1/2 minutes at 74°c and kodak rapid fixer the photos were taken with a Holga plastic camera, any help would be very useful for a teen hobbist thanks Efrain

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8/7/2004 9:49:39 PM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  Clear up if you meant the negatives some negatives were very dark and if your temperature was actually 74 degrees celsius.
Cause if you did for both of those, your temperature is way off and the dark negatives are way over developed.

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8/8/2004 10:43:44 AM

Rebecka Franklin   What kind of film did you use? Did it say to use D76 or C41? If it was something like Kodak's Tri-pan films, then D76 is the right one. But Kodak does have a B&W that is C41 process. There is a chart on the package of chemicals that will tell you how long, at what temp, for which film. The times vary for the each kind of film.

If you did use ferenhight not celsius, then something else to think about is did you aggitate the film enough? Not enough and you will get dark spots.

Was the film exposed correctly when you took the pictures? I have not used a Holga so I don't know how much control you have over the exposure. Is it like a point and shoot? Or do you control the settings like an SLR?

What I would do is go and take some rolls of film of stuff that has some good contrast that doesn't matter if they don't turn out. Practice developing them. Practice getting the film on the reel. Make sure that you have the times and temps right, and the right chemicals for the right film. One of the rolls that I had that didn't turn out I kept and used to practice putting the film on the reel.

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8/9/2004 10:37:38 AM

Efrain J. Rios   thanks everyone for the help , I was using kodak 125 px film, and sorry about the ttemperature, it was 79°Fanrenheit about the holga its just a plastic camera for 120 film with plastic lenses and two aperture settings f/8 and f/11 actually you dont have any more control of the exposure, some of my negatives, like three of them were very nice, and like 2 more were very dense almost black, but some shots didn´t apeared the were completely white and theres only some traces of the image,

once again thanks for the help

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8/11/2004 6:03:32 PM

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