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Ben Martin Pearson

What AF SLR Camera Should I Buy?

I am just starting out in photography and I would like anyone's suggestions on what autofocus SLR cameras I could buy for action photography. Thanks.

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7/9/2004 4:10:36 AM

BetterPhoto Member Since: 5/28/2002
  If you are interested in action photography, you should get a camera with high burst rate (3 fps and up). Some of the cameras allow an optional power motor drive that attaches to the bottom of the camera to boost the motor drive performance. Of course, you also need a "fast" telephoto lens, preferably with a wide aperture of f/2.8 or f/3.5. Canon cameras that allow you to use the power motor drive are EOS 1v and EOS 3. I am not sure if the others brand of cameras have this kind of power motor drive. Hope this helps.

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7/9/2004 6:56:12 AM

Eric Young   Hello. I just purchased a Canon EOS Elan 7ne, and must say it is an incredible camera. The eye control focus is great, and will shoot up to 4.5fps. Features are fantastic. You can see some of my shots from it here:

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7/11/2004 6:02:18 PM

John A. Lind
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/27/2001
  Ben: In addition to looking at various features, you should also consider how a camera "feels" in your hands: where the frequently used controls are, how your fingers naturally fall on them, the "balance" it has, and how naturally your eye can see through the viewfinder without having to squirm around to look through it. As you gain experience you want it to become an extension of your hands and arms so that you can operate it naturally without strain or awkwardness.

Everyone is different in this regard. What feels natural to me may seem too big, too small, imbalanced, too heavy, or awkward to you (and vice versa). If you haven't handled any yet, get to a store and handle a variety of them mounted with a lens you would typically use with it; then consider the features of those that feel "right" to you in your hands.

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7/12/2004 1:10:59 AM

Thanos Papadopoulos   John is right, first of all is the feeling of the camera. Find the right one. Then its the matter of money. A good camera is no cheap. EOS Elan7 is truly a very nice camera and not so expensive, I believe its much better form Nikon F80. Also the Sigma Lenses for EOS r pretty good and cheap. Remember if u wanna learn and understand photograph dont use programs, use manual settings. I would suggest to buy a manual camera (A Nikon FM2?) from ebay and play with it.

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7/13/2004 1:28:22 AM

Scott Pedersen   Pentax has excelllent cameras. Small bodies and good controls. Fits your hands like it was supposed to be their. Ritz did have a good deal going here with a Quantrary lens, check with Ritz. Iv got a ME Super and 28-200 Tamron I bought used a couple of years ago. Love it. I think this new one is a PZ or PN 60? I cant remember, sorry, but the point is you can buy that new cheaper than I got my ME and lens for used. Plus you will get auto focus and all those other modern camera convieniences. If you want to go higher there is the IST. Thats an excellent camera also. If you are like me, just getting your feet wet in photography the digital bodies are out of the question, and budget. The digital compacts are just that, compact cameras. Right now the best bang for your buck is a film based SLR. Maybe some day there will be an entry level Digital body......or not.

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7/13/2004 4:21:09 AM

Ben Martin Pearson   hey its me guys im goin to buy my camera soon and I was just wondering if a nikon f75 (kit) would be a good choise as I dont have that much money any thaughts guys cheers

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7/18/2004 2:12:08 PM

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