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  Get your own website using our html photographer website templates. This Q&A is about our Deluxe Web Site service for photographers. You can get more information at: Deluxe Web Sites.
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  online proofing/premium gallery
I'm wanting to upgrade to the premium gallery so I can add more photos. I'm also wonderin...
4/24/2005 7:26:16 PM
  indoor lighting with alot of windows
How do I meter correctly inside a room when there is a lot of windows? I want the windows to be i...
4/18/2005 10:41:21 PM
  new addition to galleries???
I signed in to my free gallery today and noticed an addition...'deactivate your free gallery&...
4/15/2005 10:45:17 PM
  test (disregard)
test (disregard)...
4/14/2005 2:05:23 PM
  setting up the deluxe website
What I would like to ask is could I just send individual images to you as 6x4in portrait or lands...
4/12/2005 5:25:51 PM
  correct saved images for deluxe website
I would like to know if I send 72dpi tiff file, size 6x4in portrait or landscape will this be suf...
4/12/2005 4:38:54 PM
  Sizing images for web
I am going from that regular Gallary to the Deluxe wedsite gallary. I do not want to have to "do...
3/27/2005 2:50:00 AM
  web page
Gentlemen :My web page will expire shortly . Why are there a increase of close to...
3/27/2005 2:32:16 AM
  Transferring photos
Can I transfer the photos from my premium gallery to my deluxe gallery? I tried putting the photo...
3/26/2005 7:34:02 AM
  photo purchase with deluxe websites
I really want to purchase a deluxe website sometime in the near future and I've been thinking...
3/25/2005 3:19:56 PM

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