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Kleber c. Miller

All Purpose Camera

What camera would you recommend for an all purpose use by a fairly good photographer?

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JD June   Hi Kleber,

That would depend on how much you would like to spend. My personal preference is Canon gear. If you are digital, the new D30 looks pretty good. I have a D20 myself and have used it for my fine art and commerical work. I would stronly recommend getting the best lenses possible. I have all 2.8 or better....I feel the lens quality is superior..but, again it is my preference. I work as a photo editor for a well-known stock shooter and he is a NIKON junkie..and banter back and forth about our brands. So, in the end, it is what you prefer. Go to a camera store and check out the different brands and see how they feel in your hand and if you like how they operate.

Good luck!


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5/15/2006 11:37:25 AM

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