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Get rewarded for your photography efforts with credit and credentials from the worldwide leader in online photography education! Our core courses in the Certified Better Photographer program will help you hone your eye and refine your craft. Completion of our core courses - taught by the most respected professional instructors - will demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Becoming a Certified Better Photographer (CBP) will reflect your personal achievement by letting the world know that you, indeed, are a photographer. Enroll now, since there's no better time than the present to start making an investment in both yourself and your photography!
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What You Get

  • Photography course path with 32 weeks of instruction
  • Instruction by seasoned pro with direct feedback
  • Accurate and timely critiques of your images
  • Constructive, creative discussions with peers
  • Camaraderie with fellow students striving for excellence
  • Private classroom forums and open creative exchanges to grow together
  • Examination process to allow you to demonstrate learned skills
  • Certificate of Competency with each level of BetterPhoto program earned
  • License to professionally use certification logos and emblems on business cards, website and promotional materials
  • Portfolio of final images to promote your business or showcase your photography
  • Certification emblems in signature line at BetterPhoto. Anywhere your name is listed, under images and in discussions, your emblem proudly displays

$1437 Certification Bundle Fee includes FREE Testing. Students paying for courses individually will be required to pay $150 Testing Fee.


  • Affiliation with the world-wide leader in online photography education
  • You will become a better photographer, learning new skills and taking better pictures more consistently
  • Affordable ongoing education
  • After the basic courses you can move on to Major in a specialty or two of your choice like landscape, people, and Photoshop
  • You will be part of an elite corp of certified photographers that set you apart among your peers and in the eyes of your potential clients
  • Make more money with your photos

Course Outline

Credits Required for Certification
Completion of 32 credits

4-four week courses= 16 credits

Course 1: Learning to Shoot Inspiring Images | Lynne Eodice

Course 2: Pro Tips for Great Exposure | Lynne Eodice

Course 3: Composition: The Essentials | Simon Stafford

Course 4: Elective, One of following courses:

2-eight week courses= 16 credits

Course 1: Understanding Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics | Neil and Susan Silverman

Course 2: Elective, One of following courses:

Final Exam conducted by a professional photographer/instructor
Passing grade of 80% on Exam
Submission of 20 photos demonstrating understanding of core concepts and photography techniques.

$1437 Certification Bundle Fee includes FREE Testing. Students paying for courses individually will be required to pay $150 Testing Fee.

Program Details

Once you enroll in certification program. By registering you will receive:
  • Instructions and orientation for online classroom Campus Square
  • Survey from instructor to get to know your goals
  • Priority assistance in tracking your progress and credits
  • Notification on recertification

Certified Better Photographer Examination
After all CBP course requirements are completed, individuals may upload images for review and complete a comprehensive exam. The exam is designed to assess the individual's overall knowledge of the photography core concepts.

The BetterPhoto Certification Program uses professional photographers for preparing and scoring in the examination process.

View Your Course Credits Online

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  • Enter your e-mail address and password at the top right of the page.
  • Click on Sign in
  • In the Member Center tabs, click on My Courses
  • Your completed course credits and credit requirements will appear


Contact Information

$1437 Certification Bundle Fee includes FREE Testing. Students paying for courses individually will be required to pay $150 Testing Fee.


No previous photography courses required. No experience necessary.
  • A film or digital camera; an SLR type with interchangeable lenses is suggested.
  • Access to a computer (and scanner if you are using a film camera) as you will upload images to your online classroom.
  • A printer is not necessary but you may want to print lessons if you plan to travel and want to take your lesson on the road.
  • A working knowledge of basic camera controls and the ability to control exposure using the lens aperture and shutter speed.
  • A lens, or lenses that cover an angle of view from wide-angle to a medium telephoto.
  • A lens with a close (macro) focusing ability is suggested.
  • A camera with a Depth of Field preview function is recommended.
  • A tripod is recommended, strongly.
  • Any image editing software that can open and process image files produced by your digital camera, or film scanner.
  • A polarizer or polarized sunglasses (for a point and shoot camera)
  • For Better Exposure: How to Meter Light course: Digital or film camera with a remote release or self-timer, filters (whether for your camera or through Photoshop)
  • For Digital SLR Exposure Techniques course: Digital SLR camera, memory cards, Adobe Photoshop Elements or Photoshop
  • For Beginning Photoshop for Photographers course: Either Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, or newer; or Elements 3, 4, or newer

Testing Requirements

Certification Portfolio Fulfillment

Final Exam Image Submission

Student's portfolio will consist of 20 images as outlined in the following categories, demonstrating the student’s comprehension and application of elements included in the Basic Courses curriculum.

For each image, include the following:

  • Title noting which technique/concept the picture depicts.
  • Description including the technical data (f/stop, shutter speed, ISO), plus any other facts/comments that you would like to share about the photo.
Note: Photos submitted for this exam can be previously shot ones (i.e., from your gallery, from classes, etc.), or new images at your discretion.
  1. Composition: (2 photos) Include two images demonstrating an understanding of composition using the "Rule of Thirds".
  2. Lighting: (3 photos) Include one photo each, exhibiting front lighting, side lighting, and backlighting principles. (Can be natural light, or studio lighting, indoor or outdoor)
  3. Exposure: (2 photos) Submit one image demonstrating blurred motion, and one image demonstrating stop ("frozen") motion.
  4. Lighting: (2 photo) Include two images taken in an interior setting. Note: At least one photo must have been shot with available light (no flash).
  5. Exposure: (1 photo) Present one photo shot outdoors at dawn or dusk.
  6. Point of View or Perspective: (3 photos) Submit one photo each demonstrating the following: Low angle view (i.e., shooting low subject -such as flowers, child, or pet - while you are lying down, kneeling or sitting), high angle view (looking down at subject or scene), and low angle (looking upward).
  7. Composition: (2 photos) Present one photo each, demonstrating effective vertical composition and horizontal composition.
  8. Elective: (5 photos) Include five additional images you feel represent techniques you have learned in the Basic curriculum of courses

* Courses and instructors subject to change without notice.

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