Tricks for Pet Photography

How to Take Better Pictures of Your Pets

by Jay Forman

Tricks for pet photography: low perspective when photographing creates drama
Cat From Low Point of View
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Short Pets Have Feelings, Too

Most animals are much shorter than we are, and so it requires us to get low and onto their level so that we see the world as they see it. If we shoot them from a comfortable standing position, we may get an accurate picture of the animal, but we don't fully understand their point of view.

So get down on your belly or knees when taking pictures of your pet. Try to photograph them from their height or, better yet, from an even lower point of view. This will result in a much more exciting and interesting photo.

Simply changing your point of view helps that much!

Tricks for pet photography: Make sure your photos are sharp!
Chameleon Picture
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Very Important! Hold Your Camera Steady

A camera that jiggles while you're shooting will result in a picture that is blurry. So be especially careful to hold the camera still when shooting. If you're right-handed, use your left hand to support the weight of the camera.

Here's a couple more tips to help you keep things steady:

  • If you hold the camera, as you support the weight of the camera with your left hand, tuck your left elbow to your stomach for additional support.
  • Use a tripod to really keep the camera steady for super crisp pictures.

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