How BetterPhoto's Interactive Online Classes Work

With pro feedback, you can start taking your photography to the next level

by Kerry Drager's interactive online classes are a great way to learn. You can do the lessons and assignments from your own home town - anywhere in the world - and then upload the results to our professional photography instructors for their expert feedback.

Lesson/assignments (consisting of text and instructional photos) are sent out each Wednesday via email. But although there's a certain structure involved, our courses are also very flexible. All course activity takes place in a website classroom called Campus Square, so that you can ask questions, make comments, upload photos, take part in discussions with your classmates, read instructor critiques of assignment photos, etc. ... any time, at your leisure. In fact, the class is accessible 24/7, and you needn't be online at any particular times.

So, if you leave for a business trip, go on holiday, or, for whatever reason, simply can't get online for a period of time, you can easily catch up on what you missed after you return. And, if you wish, we'll send you a lesson in advance, so that you can read and even work on the assignment while you're away! Plus, instructors always accept late submissions.

About Author / Instructor / Photographer, Kerry Drager
Photography Instructor: Kerry Drager
Kerry Drager is a professional photographer, teacher and writer who is also the co-author of two books: The BetterPhoto Guide to Creative Digital Photography and The BetterPhoto Guide to Photographing Light. He has taught many photography courses (online and in person), seminars and field workshops.

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Also, he is the author of Scenic Photography 101, the photographer of the photo-essay books The Golden Dream: California from Gold Rush to Statehood and California Desert , a contributor to the books BetterPhoto Basics and Daybreak 2000, and a co-photographer of Portrait of California. In addition, Kerry was profiled in the April 1994 issue of Outdoor Photographer magazine and in Vik Orenstein's 2010 book The Photographer's Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business, and his website was showcased in the January 2003 issue of Shutterbug magazine. Plus, his work has appeared in magazines, Hallmark cards and Sierra Club calendars, and in advertising campaigns for American Express and Sinar Bron Imaging.

Also follow Kerry on Facebook, where he posts photos several times a week that include shooting tips and thoughts.

Kerry lives with his wife, Mary, on California's Central Coast, with their three Newfoundland dogs, four cats, and a mixed terrier.