Creative Photo Perspective: Elevated Points of View

by Jim Zuckerman

Porto, Portugal, at Twilight
Porto, Portugal, at Twilight
© Jim Zuckerman
All Rights Reserved
When I travel either internationally or domestically and I want to capture beautiful views of a city, I always look for an elevated perspective. Rooftop restaurants or bars, observations decks, a clock tower, a hotel room with a commanding view, or a hill top all can offer places from which you can take great shots.

When you travel, do an Internet search for 'beautiful city views' of whatever city you will be shooting. If there are elevated perspectives, this kind of search will help you find it.

The picture of the bridge and the city is Porto, Portugal. I shot it from a park on a hill above the Douro River, and it was a breathtaking sight to see and it certainly makes a great shot of the city. The bridge in the foreground gave the composition a sense of depth.

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