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Do Tripods Effect How Sharp a Picture Is? Yes!

The Accessory Photographers Love to Hate Can Also Improve Your Compositions

by Kerry Drager

Whirling Colors 1a
Whirling Colors 1a
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Do Tripods Effect How Sharp a Picture Is? Tripods can mean better photos...Right Now!

The tripod:
  • Opens up a dramatic, non-flash world of low light.

  • Permits the creative blurring of moving subjects with a super-slow shutter speed.

  • Allows the use of small apertures to attain a deep depth of field (the range of sharpness from front to back in a photo) - regardless of the lighting conditions.

  • Lets you use a low-ISO film or low-ISO digital equivalent to achieve the very best in image quality.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine 2a
Ancient Bristlecone Pine 2a
© Kerry Drager
All Rights Reserved

Tripods Help Beef Up Your Compositions, Too!

But equally important is the composition factor, since a tripod encourages photo-making discipline. Here's more:

Using a three-legged support forces you to slooooow down, analyze the scene, and consider how you want to shoot it. The tripod then allows you to carefully compose your picture so you can get it exactly the way you want it.

If a cloud obscures the sun or an unwanted person walks into your scene, you can wait for things to improve while your carefully thought-out composition stays put.

Finally, locking your camera into place also lets you fine-tune the composition ... just a little bit more!

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